Pre-Reg Advising

Billy Bannan, Peer Advisor, Judd 410
Tuesday 10am-11am, Education Studies drop-in hour, Judd 410

Anna Shusterman, Faculty Advisor, Judd 410
Tuesday 12-1, Education Studies Minor drop-in hour
Wednesday 11-12, regular drop-in  office hour

Steve Stemler, Faculty Advisor, Judd 216
Wednesday 11-12, regular drop-in office hour
Thursday 1:30-2:30, Education Studies Minor drop-in hour

In addition, please feel free to email the Ed Studies Faculty Advisors (Profs. Shusterman & Stemler) or Peer Advisors (Billy Bannan, ebannan@wes & Danny Heimler, dheimler@wes) with questions.


Education Studies Co-Coordinators

Steve Stemler

Anna Shusterman

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Collingwood

EPA (Education Peer Advisors)

Hi! Our names are Billy and Danny, and we are the undergraduate representatives for the Education Studies Minor. Feel free to send us an email with any questions, comments, or suggestions you have about the minor or opportunities related to education! 

Billy picture

Billy Bannan

Danny picture

Danny Heimler