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The Education Studies academic program is designed to help students acquire a deeper understanding of education and its relationship to society. Through a range of courses across the curriculum, students look critically and analytically at educational institutions, practices, and thinking, from early childhood through adulthood, using local, national, and global lenses. Foundation courses provide a theoretical background on philosophy, history, and psychology of education. Further requirements empower students with the knowledge, tools, and skills for analyzing different aspects of education, on topics such as human development and cognition, pedagogy and curriculum, and sociocultural approaches to the study of education. Students complete a methods course relevant to education studies as well as a practicum experience to gain hands-on experience complementing their academic work.

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The Education Studies academic program does not provide the course credentials for CT State Initial Educator Certification that are required for teaching positions in public schools.

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College of the Study of Education Events

Oct 28

CES Colloquium: Dr. Florencia Anggoro

04:15 pm

Designing Cognitive Supports for Children's Science Learning Dr. Anggoro will discuss the challenge of relational learning and how she has developed and tested a method to support elementary students' understanding of space science, as well as some implications of these findings for learning and instruction in other STEM domains. Dr. Florencia Anggoro is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the College of the Holy Cross.

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