Dual Degree Programs

Wesleyan maintains dual degree programs with Columbia University, Dartmouth College, and the California Institute of Technology. These programs allow students to earn two degrees in five years combined (three years at Wesleyan, two at the engineering school). While all three partners participate in the sequential 3-2 version, Dartmouth also makes a 2-1-1-1 track available in which students spend the first two years and their senior year at Wesleyan. In addition, Columbia University offers the so-called “4-2 option” in which students complete four years at Wesleyan before pursuing the B.S. engineering degree at Columbia. Provided that the necessary math and science courses are taken, this option allows students to pursue a wide range majors at Wesleyan before entering the engineering school. Click here for more details

Wesleyan’s Career Resource Center maintains a website with additional information related to careers in engineering.