First Things First

                                                                       Wesleyan's FGLI Student Community*

Wesleyan is proud to support and celebrate our first-generation and limited/low-income college (FGLI) students. Through FTF programming and advocacy, FGLI students at Wesleyan are connected with the mentors, community, guidance, and resources that will support them throughout their time at Wesleyan. 

FTF Pre-Orientation is a program created to welcome incoming FGLI students as they transition to Wesleyan. The discussions and activities are designed to build community and to empower students they begin their college journey.

FTF Next Steps is a series of supportive and informative conversation spaces throughout the year on a range of topics related to campus life, family life, academic life, and professional pathways, all through the lens of the FGLI student experience.

The FGLI Student Advisory Board is a group of students who advocate for and build community among FGLI students at Wesleyan.

First Cardinals is a mentorship program connecting new FGLI students with upper-level students who share this identity. This initiative is in partnership with the FGLI Student Advisory Board and the Wesleyan Student Assembly.

National First-Generation Celebration Day is celebrated in November with discussion spaces, visibility campaigns, and special (and multi-generational!) festivities.

Honoring the Legacy is a graduation celebration centering the special joy and meaning in reaching the milestone of Commencement as an FGLI student.


For questions about FTF, please contact:

April Ruiz, Dean for Academic Equity, Inclusion, & Success 

Demetrius Colvin, Director of The Resource Center


(* The FGLI student lotus logo was created by Wiralpach Nawabutsitthirat '22 and Shakira Fortson '22 to symbolize FGLI students' perseverance, adaptability, and self-regeneration)