Campus Financial Resources

  • Career Development Grant 
    The Career Development Grant allows students to apply for funding to offset the costs associated with career exploration, including:

    -Travel expenses (eg. transportation, food) related to career development activities, including but not limited to WEShadow placements, consortium events such as the Eastern College Career Day, and job/internship/graduate school interview costs not reimbursed by the interviewing organization.

    -Interview attire such as suits, dress shoes, ties, and professional bags; 

    -Fees related to professional conferences not reimbursable by academic departments;

    -Graduate entrance exam fees (eg. LSAT, MCAT);

    -Campus-sponsored career programs for which a fee is assessed, such as Wall Street Prep and HBX CoRE.

    -Students in need of internship funding should apply for a Wesleyan Grant or Wesleyan Summer Experience Grant. The Career Development Grant is available on a need-aware basis. While students may apply to the fund more than once, individual students are limited to $500 in total awards over their time at Wesleyan.  
  • Winter Clothing Drive
    A winter clothing drive is organized by the Socioeconomic Status and Disability interns at The Resource Center each fall to provide winter clothing to students in need. 
  • Meal Plan Information
    Information concerning meal plans, as well as a point usage spreadsheet are available at the link above.  Students concerned about running out of meals/points should sign up for the Premier Plan as this plan provides a meal at every meal period throughout the semester.  Students on the Declining Balance plan should consult the utilization chart that helps students keep track of how many points they should have left at the end of each week to ensure they have enough points to get to the end of the semester.
  • Financial Aid
    The Office of Financial Aid at Wesleyan University is committed to enabling the best qualified students to attend, regardless of the family's financial circumstances. Accordingly, Wesleyan's financial aid program awards assistance solely on the basis of financial need. 

  • Food Pantry
    A student-run food pantry is currently in place at the Resource Center.

  • Student Affairs Emergency Fund

    Currently enrolled students who experience an emergency involving unexpected financial hardship are eligible to apply for emergency funding from Student Affairs. Funding support for the following will be considered:

    • Books and academic supplies, if costs exceed student’s financial aid package
    • Job or fellowship interviews (not covered by Career Center grants)
    • Graduate school testing fees (not covered by Career Center grants)
    • Requests for support during breaks
    • Medical expenses
    • Computer and technology expenses, if the student does not have loan eligibility
    • Emergency travel
    • Winter clothing
    • Other unexpected costs

    Requests for emergency funding should be directed to the student’s class dean.