Fire Safety & Procedures on Campus

The majority of buildings on campus are equipped with fire alarm and suppression systems, including manual pull boxes, smoke & heat detectors, fire doors, fire-warning alarms and fire sprinklers.  These systems report directly to the Middletown Fire Department, which is located on Cross Street.  Once a system has been activated, the Middletown Fire Department will respond directly to that building.  In case of an alarm activation in any university building, occupants should evacuate the building immediately from the nearest exit and assemble in the front of the building.  Do not re-enter until Public Safety or the Fire Department authorizes it.

In residence hall common areas and corridors, fire detection systems include smoke and heat detectors, which will activate the system when they sense smoke or a high heat condition.  Each individual student room is also equipped with a smoke detector, either a system-connected detector or a local-only detector, similar to those in most homes.  These detectors activate locally and do not report to the fire department.

Systematic inspections of University facilities and equipment are conducted to locate and eliminate any fire hazards.  We request that you report any potential fire hazards to Public Safety immediately.

To report a fire in a University building:

  1. activate the manual pull station, located near the exits of the floor or building;
  2. evacuate the building, alerting other occupants on the way out; and
  3. call Public Safety at (860) 685-3333 or x3333 from a campus phone. 

All residence halls are protected by automatic fire sprinkler systems; all fire extinguishers have been removed from the cabinets in living areas. They are still located in kitchens and mechanical rooms. Fighting fires is best left to the professionals; the only reason to use a fire extinguisher is if a fire is blocking the only exit to a high hazard space. In the event of a fire, evacuation is the recommended action.

How to use a Fire Extinguisher: 


Stay calm and remember the mnemonic P-A-S-S to assist in the operation of a fire extinguisher.

How to Operate a Fire Extinguisher

P = Pull.  Pull the pin.  Twist to break the plastic tab holding the pin in place.

A = Aim.  Aim the extinguisher nozzle or hose at the fire. Stand about 10' away to start.

S = Squeeze.  Squeeze or pull/press the handle. Move closer if it is safe to do so, but no closer than 5'.

S = Sweep.  Sweep the nozzle from side to side at the base of the fire until the extinguisher is empty.  If it does not respond immediately, leave the area and call for help.

All fires, even if burned out prior to discovery, must be reported to the Office of Public Safety at 860-685-3333 or from an on-campus phone x3333. 

If the fire extinguisher provided to you has been discharged please contact Fire Safety for a replacement at 860-685-3300 or from an on-campus phone x3300. You can also email