Maps and GIS Resources on Campus


Several libraries on campus have map collections, only some of which can be located using the online catalog.  Olin Library holds maps from the CIA, which are located in the Government Documents collection, and Special Collections & Archives has a selection of some old Middletown maps, some old USGS maps, as well as framed maps on display. The largest collection of maps is held in the Science Library, many of which are not listed in the online catalog.  In addition to these physical map collections, there are several web-based resources available, including the database GeoRef and the USGS Gazetteer, which is searchable by feature name or state.  


Wesleyan has an ArcGIS site license from ESRI. This site license provides for use of a long list of ESRI software, free online training courses, and passes to the annual ESRI conference. See the following for more information about ArcGIS on campus.

  • List of products included in the ArcGIS Site License
  • Users who want to create compelling web-based maps to tell immersive and effective spatial stories might be interested in ArcGIS Online and ESRI Story Maps allow users to create compelling web-based maps to tell immersive spatial narratives.
  • ESRI Support Policy
    • The ArcGIS site license includes technical support. All support questions and issues (e.g., how to do a particular task in the software, problems and bug reports) should be sent to Miriam Cope ( The license requires communications with ESRI to be conducted in this manner.
  • Virtual Campus courses
    • Wesleyan campus community members can take unlimited ESRI Virtual Campus courses or their Live Training Seminars (via the web). Virtual Campus courses are asynchronous online courses authored by ESRI.  An access code must be obtained to take a Virtual Campus course (for Live Training Seminars, no access code is necessary). Contact Miriam Cope ( to obtain a code--be sure to indicate in your request the name of the course(s) you want to take.
  • Using ArcGIS off-campus
    • Wesleyan's ArcGIS site license includes use of ArcGIS off-campus, such as for faculty or students in the field where a VPN connection to campus is unavailable. Please contact Miriam Cope ( for more information.
  • Complimentary passes to the annual ESRI User Conference
    • The site license also includes a few complimentary passes to the annual ESRI User Conference, the premier conference for ESRI products and GIS in general, held annually in San Diego. To obtain a pass, contact Miriam Cope ( Passes will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis.

Other Software

  • MapBox offers a quick way to produce online maps, and you can get started with a free account.
  • Quantum GIS is free, open-source, and runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android
  • GRASS is free, open-source, and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Mailing Lists


For those interested in learning GIS in detail, courses in GIS are offered regularly on campus. Courses open to all students include QAC 231 Introduction to (Geo)Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization, EES 322 Introduction to GIS, and EES 324 GIS Service Learning Laboratory. Many other courses on campus incorporate a geospatial component; some examples include EES 326 Remote Sensing, ARST 434 Studies in Contemporary Urbanism, and ANTH 165 Global Goods: Commodity Cultures Past and Present. For more information about GIS courses, contact Kim Diver (

A variety of faculty members at Wesleyan use geospatial technologies in their research, including Phil Resor (E&ES), Kim Diver (E&ES), Phil Wagoner (Art History / Archaeology), Marty Gilmore (E&ES), Mary Alice Haddad (Government), Sarah Croucher (Anthropology and Archaeology), Elijah Huge (Art and Art History), and Helen Poulos (COE).