Government Majors Committee, 2021-2022

Carly Blue (2022) cblue

My name is Carly Blue, and I am a senior double majoring in Government and American Studies. I am pursuing the American Government and Politics concentration. On campus, I am a captain of the Women's Varsity Squash Team and a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. Outside of Wesleyan I have worked as a fellow on a campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives as well as interned for the Boston College Innocence Program. This is my first year on the Government Majors Committee, and I am looking forward to being more involved in the major! After graduation, I plan on working for a couple years before pursuing law school.

Ethan Brill-Cass (2023) ebrillcass

My name is Ethan Brill-Cass and I am a junior majoring in Government and Science in Society. I am pursuing the American Politics concentration of the government major. Outside of class, I help run the Wesleyan Animal Defense League and participate in the Legislative Politics and Elections Lab. I also work remotely for two law firms, one engaged in guardianship and conservatorship and the other cooperating with the Rhode Island ACLU, as well as for the animal advocacy group FOUR PAWS.

Throughout my time at Wesleyan, my interest and engagement with the government have continuously grown, and I look forward to being more involved in the major. After Wesleyan, I plan on pursuing law school. 

Alex Brun (2023) abrun

My name is Alexandre (Alex) Brun, and I am a junior majoring in Government (concentration in Comparative Politics) and Romance Studies (French and Italian). Also, I am pursuing a minor in Global Engagement. I am a distance swimmer on the Men's Varsity Swim Team and regularly tutor students learning the French language. In the past, I have served as a course assistant for the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. Outside of Wesleyan, I have interned with an international development firm and the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

I am interested in both domestic and international politics. I am looking forward to studying abroad in Paris, France during the spring semester to enhance my knowledge of the French political system, culture, and language. In the near future, I plan on going to law school. I would be happy to discuss my experience as a Government major, provide advice, and answer any questions.

Julia Crainic (2023) jcrainic

My name is Julia Crainic and I am a junior double majoring in Government and Economics and minoring in Data Analysis. I am pursuing the American Politics concentration of the Government major, and I have genuinely enjoyed and learned so much from every course I've taken in the department. On campus, I have been involved in research with multiple professors and I am co-captain of the equestrian team. I look forward to taking more government classes, meeting more of the faculty in the department, and further exploring the field of political science during my time at Wesleyan.

Sealan Crotty (2022) scrotty

My name is Sealan Crotty and I am a senior at Wesleyan. I am a government major with a concentration in American Politics. Additionally, I am a history and economics double minor. I work an on-campus job in the athletics center and was on the women's soccer team before an injury forced me to step away from the sport for good. I entered Wesleyan thinking I would be a biology major before quickly realizing that was not the major or the career I would enjoy. I took my first college government class in the second semester of my first year and knew I had found my major. After college I intend on going to law school.

Nikki Farahani (2022) nfarahani

My name is Nikki Farahani and I am a senior at Wesleyan University. I am a double major in Government and Economics with a minor in Data Analysis. On campus I am also involved with the Economics Honor Society, the Wesleyan ACLU, and Wesleyan Tutors. Outside of Wesleyan I have worked for 3 different United States Senators, 2 law firms, and a political consulting firm. A fun fact about me is that I can speak 3 languages.

I became interested in politics through learning about the lack of democracy in the Middle East. I wanted to have a complete understanding of the institution of the government in the United States so that I could look to advocate for a replication of it in less developed countries. After Wesleyan, I plan to go to law school and continue working with the United States Senate to enhance global equality and democracy.

Haley Fish (2022) hfish

My name is Haley Fish and I am a senior, double majoring in Government (International Politics concentration) and Environmental Studies, with a minor in Global Engagement. Outside of classes, I am a coxswain for the Varsity Crew Team and work as an administrative assistant for the Office of Academic Affairs. In Fall 2021, I am also a Course Assistant for Introduction to GIS.

I am particularly interested in environmental policy, something I have explored through multiple courses at Wes, and also abroad in Berlin, where I studied at an internationally recognized environmental think tank. I also spent summer '21 interning for an environmental non-profit working to rebuild the ecosystems and communities harmed by coal mining in Appalachia. After graduation, I hope to continue working on the non-profit side of environmental policy. I am more than happy to discuss the government major, studying abroad, internships, or anything else politically or environmentally focused.

Milla Ghandour (2023) mghandour

My name is Milla Ghandour, I am a junior majoring in Government with a concentration in comparative politics; just coming out of my gap year.

I spent the last year working in Beirut, Lebanon at a local NGO as a communications consultant and project manager to rebuild 3,011 homes and 200 SMEs that were destroyed after the devasting blast.

My passion for political science undoubtedly takes its roots in my Lebanese background and my continual effort to understand the politics of my country that is so often described as schizophrenic. At Wesleyan, I have spent the last 2 years working as an RA for Government Professor Iona Matesan, who recently published her book about Islamist movements, their violent escalation/de-escalation and the democratization process.

Katarina Grealish (2023) kgrealish

My name is Katarina Grealish and I am a junior studying Government with a concentration in American Politics, and working towards a Writing Certificate. I am specifically interested in studying linguistic determinism and how it relates to speech writing, journalism, propaganda, and other forms of political writing. Outside of academics, I write for the school newspaper, The Argus. I specialize in writing about Middletown and local politics. Additionally, I dance with Precision Dance Ensemble. I worked as a political affairs intern with The Borgen Project, a global non-profit advocating for anti-poverty legislation. I worked on fundraising, community engagement, and met with congressional representatives to advocate for current legislation.

Will Halm (2022) whalm

My name is Will, and I am a senior at Wesleyan majoring in Government. During my time at Wes, I have focused on studying comparative politics and pursuing my interests in data analysis and writing with the Data Analysis Minor and the Writing Certificate. I am also a member of the Board of the Wesleyan Refugee Project and a Co-Coordinator of the International Refugee Assistance Project at Wes, where I work with my peers on researching refugee assistance organizations in the United States. Besides pursuing social justice advocacy, I have also interned for public officials like Sen. Gillibrand and interned with congressional campaigns, in addition to performing research for the University of Michigan. Because of my array of experiences, I am looking forward to helping people get acquainted with the Government major and all aspects of political science.

Nathalie Hansen (2024) nhansen

My name is Nathalie Hansen, and I am a second semester sophomore majoring in Government, with a comparative concentration, and minoring in Economics. I took this past semester off and spent the spring and summer working on a farm and am very interested in the role of sustainable agriculture in the food system and the public policy that surrounds it. Here at Wes I am involved with Long Lane Farm and Food Rescue. I have also been interning with the Administration for Children and Families since last winter and am currently assisting them in helping to reach families who are eligible for the Child Tax Credit but have not yet received it. This is my first year on the government majors committee and I am looking forward to offering advice and answering any government related questions!

Drew Kushnir (2022) dkushnir

My name is Drew Kushnir, and I am a senior at Wesleyan majoring in Government and Economics. I've spent the last two years studying the historical interactions between the president and the American judiciary as a research assistant, and I'm currently at work on a senior thesis studying how politicization of the Supreme Court affects the Court's legitimacy. Outside of class, I'm a student supervisor for the Wesleyan Media Project; through classwork in the Government department, I've even been able to apply some techniques I've learned from the WMP to my own study of Connecticut State Senate advertising! I'm also a member of Wesleyan's mock trial team, and an editor for The Wesleyan Argus. I look forward to giving back to a major that has given me so much at Wesleyan!

Zack Mouzakes (2023) zmouzakes

My name is Zack Mouzakes, and I am a junior here at Wesleyan, majoring in Government with a concentration in American Politics, and minoring in History. My interest in government and politics comes from my curiosity at a young age in the founding of the United States and the Revolutionary War. Most recently, I have worked as an intern at the Albany Regional Office of Majority Leader Charles Schumer, where I performed a multitude of tasks, such as quantifying the number of local constituents who would be eligible for the Child Tax Credit. Additionally, I have also worked for the Albany County District Attorney for the past two summers. Upon successful graduation from Wesleyan I plan to go to law school. This is my first year on the Majors Committee, and I am looking forward to helping other students familiarize themselves with the Government major.

Jillian Pincus (2022) jpincus

I am currently a senior at Wesleyan, majoring in English and Government with a REES minor. I'm currently working on a thesis in the Government department about letters sent in the Soviet Union. Outside of academics, I'm a fiction reader for the literary magazine, Five South, and have been a member of Wesleyan's mock trial team since my first year here. I joined the Government Majors Committee last fall, and I'm excited to continue as a member this year.

Rachel Townsend (2022) rtownsend

My name is Rachel Townsend and I am a current senior Government major and History minor. I am a Campus Tour Guide, Captain of the Women's Varsity Swim Team, and this will be my second year as a member of the Majors Committee.

I am pursing the International Politics concentration of the major, however I have taken classes across all the concentrations offered in the department. I have recommended professors to my teammates and friends, and offered advice as to how to stay on track with my studies while balancing other responsibilities on campus. After Wesleyan, I plan to go to law school!

Sophia Zimmer (2023) sczimmer

Hi! My name is Sophia Zimmer. I am from Los Angeles, California. I am a junior pursuing a Government Major with a concentration in American Politics. I am also minoring in French Studies, and I am considering minoring in Civic Engagement as well! I also live in Community Engagement House here on campus. Outside of Wesleyan, I spend a lot of my time working at and volunteering with nonprofits. In the past I have interned at ACLU SoCal and most recently an organization called Baby2Baby. Within the American Politics concentration, I am most interested in looking at U.S. policies on federal and local levels and how they impact constituents, which is why I intend to go to Law School to further my understanding on this topic.