Student Honors and Prizes, 2020-2021


High Honors in Government

Sanya Bery
Jonah Skolnik

Honors in Government

Armando Alvarez
Caroline Colbert
Caroline Finkelstein
Taylin Hunter
Phoebe Landsman
Indigo Pellegrini de Paur
Shea Peretz
Eleanor Raab
Emma Stern
Cher Qin


Phi Beta Kappa

Fall Chapter

Eleanor Raab

Spring Chapter

Jack Jontz
Margaret O'Hanlon
Gabriel Siegel
Jonah Skolnik
Felicia Soderberg
Emma Stern



Davenport Prize:
To senior majors who show excellence in the study of political science.

Juliet Dale
Eleanor Raab

Parker Prize:
To a sophomore or junior who excels in public speaking.

Sarah Backer
Magda Kisielinska
Ben Dachman

Rich Prize
To a senior whose orations are judged best in composition and delivery.

Brian Chong
Jack Jontz
Arianne Philemy

Skirm Prize
To the best research or writing project completed by a Government major in his or her junior year.

Gabriel Snashall

Titus Prize: 
To support the summer studies of a deserving Wesleyan junior majoring in Government, East Asian Studies, or the College of Social Studies.

India Daniel

White Fellowship:
To majors who show excellence in the study of political science

Faren Bartholomew
Taylin Hunter
Syed Hussain
Jack Jontz
Angela Loyola
Shea Peretz
Andrei Pinkus
Emma Roush
Alexis Sher
Emma Stern
Alice Swan
Jonah Skolnik
Felicia Soderberg

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