Application Process

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To apply for the Human Rights Advocacy (HRA) Minor, please complete this form and email it with your CV and transcript to  If you are accepted, you will then complete the Minor Declaration form in WesPortal.


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Are you currently taking CSPL128: Introduction to Human Rights Standards or do you plan to take this course in the fall?

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I certify that I have read about the requirements of the HRA Minor and agree to those terms.

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  1. Please describe: (a) your background and interest/experience in human rights and social justice; and (b) your interest in the Human Rights Advocacy Minor. Please be as specific as possible. For example, the following prompts might help trigger your thinking: Have you ever engaged with a community—including your own community—or individuals facing a situation of injustice or rights abuse? If so, what did you learn? (300 word limit total for parts (a) and (b) together)



  1. How would the Human Rights Advocacy Minor bridge your college experience with your plans for life after Wesleyan? What do you hope or expect to do when you graduate? How might your future plans involve the lessons and experiences you would gain through the Human Rights Advocacy Minor? (200 word limit)


Please note: Students will write and submit reflection pieces at the beginning and end of the minor process. The first reflection should be submitted when students have been admitted into the Minor, the latter on completion of all requirements.



  1. Please email (a) completed application; (b) an up-to-date Resume/CV (include language skills, if any, and indicate level of proficiency); and (c) your transcript to the HRA Coordinator, Tamar Hayrikyan, at


*Please note: A student who does not complete Stage 2 of the general education expectations may not declare more than a combined total of two majors, certificates, and minors.