All courses should be taken for a grade: A-F

1. One of the following two introductory physics courses:
      PHYS 113     General Physics I
      PHYS 116     General Physics II

2. One of the following two introductory computer science courses:
      COMP 112     Introduction to Programming
      COMP 113/BIOL/MB&B 265 - Bioinformatics Programming, or approved alternatives
      COMP 114     How to Talk to Machines
      COMP 115     How to Design Programs
      COMP 211     Computer Science I
3. One advanced computer science course from the following courses:
      COMP 212     Computer Science II
      COMP 312     Algorithms and Complexity
      COMP 331     Computer Structure and Organization
      COMP 354     Principles of Databases
4. One of the two upper-level introductory modeling courses:
      PHYS 221      Modeling and Data Analysis: From Molecules to Markets
      PHYS 340      Computational Physics: Algorithms and Clusters   

5. One course of the following applied modeling courses:
      CHEM 340:    Physical Chemistry IV: Quantum Chemistry 
      COMP 301:    Automata Theory and Formal Languages       
      ECON 380:    Mathematical Economics
      ECON 385:    Econometrics
      QAC  201:     Applied Data Analysis