Wesleyan Giving

Wesleyan has a long history of employees giving to the United Way.

The 2018-2019 United Way Campaign raised over $100,000 in contributions from 360 Wesleyan employees, retired faculty, and authorized vendors. Since 2001, Wesleyan employees have donated over $2 million. 

Middlesex United Way is a locally based, volunteer-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening lives, helping people, and improving community conditions in the 15 towns in Middlesex County. United Way partners with local agencies and town organizations to provide these needed services and programs and find solutions to chronic community problems, like substance abuse among youth and the need for affordable, decent housing for low-income families. The organization focuses on education, income, health, and housing.

Funds raised benefit local initiatives and organizations such as Films on Foss, Middletown Youth Services Bureau, Oddfellows Playhouse Youth Theater, John J. Driscoll United Labor Agency, the Amazing Grace food pantry, Middlesex County Coalition on Housing and Homelessness, Middletown Adult Education, United Way 2-1-1, Gilead Community Services, and MARC: Community Resources, among others.

Want to get involved with these initiatives year-round? Check out the Middlesex United Way's Volunteer Connection.

A message from our co-chairs
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    Makaela Kingsley

    Director, Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship

    I graduated from Wesleyan University in 1998.  Now, more than two decades later, I continue to support Wesleyan’s commitment and connection to Middlesex County. As an anchor institution, I believe that we have a responsibility to engage with our local community for the benefit of our neighbors, students, employees, and graduates.

    Gilead Community Services and Oddfellow Playhouse, for example, have their origins in collaborations between Middlesex residents and Wesleyan students. Today, these organizations are among the 36 that carry out the United Way’s mission to improve the quality of life for families across the region. United Way grantees ensure that local youth succeed academically and that individuals and families are healthy, safe, have access to affordable housing and economic stability.
    I donate to the Wesleyan University United Way Campaign every single year because we all benefit from the collaboration promoted by the United Way.  Not only is my support an expression of my investment in this community, but it also helps the Middlesex United Way continue to provide programs, services, and supports that effect change, help transform lives, and build the next generation of concerned citizens.


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    Octavio Flores

    Adjunct Professor of Spanish

    Throughout the last ten years, I have been very impressed with the outstanding work that the United Way carries out in the Middlesex county. Every event organized by the United Way in which I have been involved has been professionally run. Additionally, the people who represent the United Way have been authentic community leaders who truly care about the people in need in our community.

    Most memorable to me is the Homelessness Day event that UW held at Middlesex Community College a few years ago. They provided many people in need with a variety of necessary services including legal advice, immigration help, haircuts and other personal hygiene services, food distribution and others. My students and I were able to participate as English/Spanish interpreters for the Hispanic homeless people. 

    I am very grateful to United Way for all the financial support they have given and continue to give to local organizations such as: St. Vincent DePaul, the Health Center, New Horizons, the YMCA, The Adult Education of Middletown, Middlesex Hospital, and the Juvenile Review Board, among others. I am very glad to be a resident of Middletown where many people sincerely care about each other.  However, I am convinced that we all need to invest more generously as much as we can for the gradual improvement of this community.

    Wesleyan University offers us a unique opportunity to be part of this effort to raise money to improve the lives of our families, especially our children. I am especially thankful for all the support they give to organizations that help and protect our teen-agers. I cannot thank Wesleyan enough for allowing us to make a pledge by using payroll deduction. This alternative indeed allows us to make more generous contributions in an easy way on a monthly basis.

    Every dollar counts anywhere you invest. Besides providing help to our community, Wesleyan University is now offering the opportunity to donate money to your favorite charity through United Way, anywhere in the country. What a wonderful opportunity to make a difference wherever you think it is most needed. My most sincere appreciation goes to all of you who are willing to help this wonderful community of Middletown and its surroundings.

    I am excited to be part of this effort not only as a representative for the Romance Languages Dept., but also as a co-chair for the United Way Campaign Fall 2019 at Wesleyan University.

    My most sincere thanks to all of you United Way supporters!