Internships and Language Study

Below are resources for off-campus language study and summer internships. The list is a compilation of suggestions from Wesleyan faculty, and none of the institutions or organizations listed has any formal affiliation with the University.

Off-Campus Language Study 

The American University in Cairo (Cairo)
Fall, spring or full year.  Prerequisite: Arabic 102 or the equivalent. Students enroll in an Arabic language course and choose from a range of direct enrollment options at the AUC, where they study with Egyptian and American students.

Prerequisite: one year of college-level Hebrew or the equivalent. Wesleyan also requires an ulpan (intensive Hebrew program) before the start of the semester, and students must continue to enroll in a Hebrew language course throughout the program. 

Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Beersheba)
Fall, spring or full year. Excellent place to study Hebrew. Volunteer and internship opportunities, strong environmental sciences. 

University of Haifa (Haifa)
Fall, spring or full year. Wide range of courses, including Hebrew and Arabic.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Jerusalem)
Fall , spring or full year. Wide range of courses.

Tel Aviv University (Tel Aviv) 
Fall, Spring, or Full-Year. Tel Aviv University is a major, public university that offers students the opportunity to study from a wide range of courses in many different disciplines. Tel Aviv University is defined by its ground-breaking research, strong interdisciplinary focus, and values of globalism, pluralism, and social responsibility. The main educational tenet of the university is developing the capacity for research investigation, directing independent skills and critical creativity that contribute to the emergence of ground-breaking developments and innovations that foster leadership skills and have a sustainable impact at the national and international level. Coursework can be found here.

CIEE Jordan: Middle East Studies (Amman)
Fall, spring or year.  Prerequisite: Arabic 102 or the equivalent.  Students enroll in an Arabic language course and may choose from a range of courses in Middle Eastern Studies, ARCP, ARHA, ECON, GOVT, HIST, IR, literature, and RELI.  A combination of Diplomacy and Policy programs and Language and Culture programs.




US Department of State:

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