General Information for First Year Students

There are several pathways through the major.  One or more of the foundation courses in Biology (181, 182) are prerequisites for the advanced NS&B courses offered by the Biology department. The ideal course sequence would include Biology 181 and 182 along with Chemistry in the frosh year. In the sophomore year, one would take NS&B 213 in the fall. Ambitious students may choose to enroll in NS&B 213 in the frosh year but must receive permission of the instructor. The other required courses and research tutorials would be spread out over the last two years.

It is possible to take several of the NS&B courses that are cross-listed with Psychology without having taken introductory Biology. These courses include NS&B 220 - Introduction to Cognitive Psychology and NS&B 222 - Sensation and Perception.

The major has some flexibility to handle late starts. However, to be accepted as a major in March of the sophomore year, a student must have already completed, with satisfactory grades, either Biology 181 or NS&B 213, and must have completed at least one additional full-credit course listed under "Foundation and Core Courses." For example, a student who has completed Biol 181 and Psych 105 would be able to enroll as a major; a student who has completed Chem 141 and Psych 105 would not.  While a late start such as that given in the first example would still allow completion of the major, it would restrict the possibilities for independent research and the range of options for upper-level courses both in and outside the major. We therefore encourage students to get started on the program early.