Wesleyan Christian Fellowship (WesCF)

Proclaiming new life, building community.

The mission of Wesleyan Christian Fellowship is to “Join Jesus in proclaiming new life to students and faculty at Wesleyan.”  We acknowledge that it is ultimately the Holy Spirit that touches and moves hearts, and that we are called to be co-workers with God in that transforming work.  When we gather together in community to both encourage and build up one another, and seek God as one body – through praise, prayer, and study – we find that we ourselves are renewed and recharged to carry the Gospel message of mercy, forgiveness, love, and new beginnings with us into the dorm and the classroom alike.

What do we do?

On any given Wednesday, we focus on one of four core activities geared toward discipleship formation and community building:

  1. Prayer – we devote our gathering towards humbling ourselves and corporately approaching the throne of grace to express our thanksgivings, pray for individual needs, and lift up our friends, teachers, fellowship, and campus in prayer; in our commune with God, we also seek to share and expose ourselves to different prayer styles and capacities so that we may benefit from the rich diversity of prayer traditions.
  2. Group Bible Study – we inductively study a scripture passage from the Old or New Testament in small groups and then reconvene to share insights and applications.
  3. Large group – during these times of fellowship, we set apart a time and space in which to simply share testimonies of God’s faithfulness and mercy and celebrate how He has met us right where we are and has moved in our lives, both individually and collectively.
  4. Service activity – responding to the charge in Micah 6:8 to “do justice [and] love mercy…” and to be God’s hands and feet in this world, we seek during these times to serve our community – whether on campus or in the larger Middletown area – and to both spread encouragement and joy, and minister to their needs in any capacity we can.  For more information about ServeUP: http://www.ivneglobalservice.org/serveup-2013.html

Students volunteering in New Orleans
Wesleyan ServeUP volunteers, New Orleans 2013

Who participates?

All are welcome, wherever they may find themselves on their journey of faith: from the seeker who desires an open and receptive setting in which to voice questions…to the Christian who desires an edifying community that encourages the nurture and growth of each member and that focuses on sharing and learning ways to more tangibly share the Gospel with those we encounter each day.

Meeting times and Location:

Days and times for Fall 2020 will be announced soon! 

Fridays, TBD  WesCF gathering in TBD.* 
Weekdays, TBD  WesCF Bible Study TBD.
Tuesdays and Wednesdays, TBD.  Prayer Gathering [location TBD]

   *Please email a leader below to confirm time and place.

Leaders to Contact for more info:

Angela Loyola

Charissa Lee

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