Payroll Deductions

Mandatory deductions include:

  • Federal and state income taxes (based on an individual’s W-4 filing status; W-4 filing status may be changed at any time by completing a new W-4 in WesPortal under Employee Information/Benefit, HR & Payroll Forms);
  • Connecticut Paid Family Medical Leave tax;
  • Social Security taxes; and
  • Medicare taxes.

Routine questions about tax deductions can be asked of the Payroll Office. Advice on tax withholding strategies, however, should be discussed with a personal accountant or financial planner.

Optional pre-tax deductions are available for:

  • Group medical, dental and vision insurance (deduction is automatic for participants in these plans);
  • A reimbursement account for medical and dental expenses not covered by insurance (medical expense reimbursement account or MERA);
  • Supplemental retirement savings (SRA) (tax deferred); and
  • A dependent care expense reimbursement account.
  • Section 457 contributions

In addition, after-tax deductions can be arranged for:

  • Optional life insurance for administrative staff member or family members;
  • Contributions to the United Way
  • Contributions to the Wesleyan Fund; and
  • Roth SRA contributions
  • Weight Watchers on campus
  • Freeman Athletics - spouse pass 
  • Freeman Athletics - locker fee