Social Justice Track in Philosophy

Courses we recommend in connection with the Social Justice Track (individual concentrations are approved through the advising process):

PHIL211        Critical Philosophy of Race

PHIL212        Introduction to Ethics

PHIL214        Reasoning about Justice

PHIL215        Human, Animals, and Nature

PHIL217        Bioethics and Social Justice

PHIL218        Personal Identity and Choice

PHIL219        Evil, Responsibility, and Forgiveness

PHIL221        Philosophy as a Way of Life

PHIL259        Neo-Confucian Chinese Philosophy

PHIL270        Environmental Philosophy

PHIL276        Virtue Ethics: Traditional, Comparative, & Contemporary Approaches

PHIL277        Feminist Philosophy & Moral Theory

PHIL284        African American Philosophy

Advanced Seminars that will count in Social Justice Track:

PHIL338        Comparative Political Philosophy

PHIL355        Necropolitics and Black "Fugitive" Politics

CHUM354      Hope & Hopelessness in an Age of Mass Incarceration

PHIL360        Continental Philosophy’s Others

PHIL366        Bodies, Machines & Meaning: Cultural Studies of the Sciences