Resources for Graduate Study in Philosophy


Brian Leiter, "Philosophical Gourmet Report" (2009)
Most systematic rankings for philosophy graduate programs in the English-speaking world based on biennial surveys of professional philosophers; provides overall and specialty rankings

Lingua Franca, "The Real Guide to Grad School: Philosophy Departments" (1997)

Ferit Guven, "Philosophy Graduate Schools Friendly to Continental Philosophy" (2007)
List of graduate programs receptive to the non-analytic study of the history of philosophy; note that many of the faculty lists on this site are outdated

Keith DeRose, "For and Against the Use of Rankings" (last update: 2009)


Other Websites/Advice

David Brink, "Graduate Study in Philosophy"

Brian Leiter, "Applying to Graduate Schools"

Alison Fernandes, "A Rough Guide to Applying to Graduate Programs"

Rutgers, Department of Philosophy, "Should You Pursue Graduate Study in Philosophy?", Survey of Doctoral Education and Career Preparation (conducted in 1999)
Philosophy PhD students respond to the question: "Knowing everything that you know now, what advice would you give others entering or in the early years of graduate school?"

Chun-Mei Zhao, Chris M. Golde, Alexander C. McCormick, "More Than a Signature: How Advisor Choice and Advisor Behavior Affect Doctoral Student Satisfaction" (2005)



"Academic Placement," Crooked Timber (Brian Weatherson) -- 7/18/2003
Contains several broken links, but helpful discussion on academic placement in philosophy

"A PhD Admissions Dilemma: Advice Sought," Leiter Reports -- 3/13/2005
Advice on choosing between U.S. and U.K. programs

"Some Thoughts on How to Choose a Graduate Program in Philosophy," Certain Doubts (Keith DeRose) -- 11/25/2006

"Should I Become a Professional Philosopher?" Lemmings (Brit Brogaard) -- 1/28/2007

"PhD Admissions in the US: Information Sought on the Season Concluding," Leiter Reports -- 4/2/2007

"PhD Admissions (Again): Info Sought on the Season Just Concluded," Leiter Reports -- 4/3/2007

"'Departmental Visits' for Prospective Students," Leiter Reports -- 4/25/2007

"Where to go for PhD Work in Continental Philosophy?" Leiter Reports -- 8/22/2007

"Advice on 'Personal Statements' for PhD Admissions?" Leiter Reports -- 9/24/2007

"Should you go to grad school?" Objects and Arrows (John Symons) -- 10/11/2007

"Advice for Undergraduates about Strengthening Their Applications to Grad Programs," Leiter Reports -- 4/2/2008

"Job Placement Information on Departmental Websites," Leiter Reports -- 4/24/2008

"Questions of General Interest from a Prospective Graduate Student," Leiter Reports -- 10/22/2008     

"Applying Twice to the Same Programs?" Leiter Reports -- 11/19/2008

"Choosing Between Graduate Study in a Philosophy Department vs. a History and Philosophy of Science Program?" Leiter Reports -- (1/23/2009)

"Interested in Legal Philosophy: Just a PhD in Philosophy, or a JD as Well?" Leiter Reports -- 11/2/2009     

"Job Placement Information: Which Departments Have Good Sites, Which Not So Good?" Leiter Reports -- 11/1/2009

"Advice for Incoming Grad Students," Thoughts Arguments and Rants (Brian Weatherson) -- 3/4/2010

"Deciding Between Admissions Offers: The Importance of Visiting/Talking With Current Students," Leiter Reports -- 3/6/2010

"You finally get that tenure-track job and then you discover this!" Leiter Reports -- 5/16/2010

"Transferring PhD Programs Twice?" Leiter Reports -- 8/30/2010

"Alternative Options and 'Back-Up Plans' for Philosophy PhD Students," Leiter Reports -- 9/22/2010

"M.A. Students and PhD Applications," Leiter Reports -- 10/31/2010