Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Department is responsible for overseeing Custodial Operations, Waste Management, Pest Control and General Maintenance in all Wesleyan Buildings. We act as your liaison and advocate for all aspects of Physical Plant operations to include safety, cleanliness, moving/storage, event support, maintenance/repair and requests for special services.

Custodial Operations

Custodial Services on the Wesleyan University campus are completed by an outsourced management company under the direction of the Facilities Management division of Physical Plant. The team consists of 3 on-site supervisors that direct 51 full-time cleaners that cover the campus on three different shifts. One of the supervisors also acts as our Site Manager and directs their entire operation.

Cleaning levels, services and schedules provided are outlined in our Custodial Operations Standards:Facilities Management/Operating Standards/Custodial Operating Standards 2023 PDF - 1.pdf

Waste Management

Facilities Management is responsible for the collection, processing, storage and marketing of all recyclable materials in residential, academic and administrative facilities. Custodial operations is tasked with the collection and disposal of recyclables into the proper stream of waste handling from within each building as well as the small exterior containers throughout campus. A private hauler as well as the sanitation division within the City of Middletown removes this type of waste from the larger exterior containers on campus.

Individual wood framed houses on campus are serviced by the City of Middletown Sanitation division utilizing curbside carts on a scheduled basis. The following is a link to the City website where the schedule is posted: https://www.middletownct.gov/201/Sanitation-Division

Pest Control

Facilities Management is responsible for the control of pests and administers the annual pest control contract for the extermination and control of pests. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to rodent, insect, ant, bat and squirrel infestations inside our facilities as well as wildlife on our properties. Dining, Residential, Administrative and Academic facilities are routinely inspected and serviced as needed.

Bed Bugs

Largely eradicated as pests in the developed world in the early 1940s, bedbugs have seen a resurgence over the last several years.  Unfortunately, our campus is not immune to this problem.  While dealing with bed bugs can be frustrating and exhausting, it is possible to rid them from your residence.  Wesleyan University works closely with a local, licensed exterminator to help us safely eradicate any occurrence of bed bugs from campus.

Any student concerned about his or her residence having bed bugs should contact Physical Plant immediately at 860-685-3400.  Evening and weekend concerns should be reported to Public Safety.

The following is a link to the University protocol for treating bed bugs: bed bugs.docx



Maintenance Requests

If you have a repair or maintenance issue please contact work order directly at 860-685-3400 or work_order@wesleyan.edu



Jeff Sweet
Associate Director of Facilities Management

(860) 685-3763


170 Long Lane, Cady Building