Study Abroad

Italian majors are strongly encouraged to spend at least one semester of study abroad. It is also recommended, though not required, that majors learn at least one other classical or modern language (preferably Latin or another of the Romance languages), according to their area of interest.

Program In Bologna, Italy

Wesleyan University co-sponsors with Vassar College and Wellesley College a program in Italy for up to 15 students from each of the three schools without regard to their choice of major.  ITAL102 or the equivalent of one year of college-level Italian is the prerequisite for participation.  Students may choose to participate in either the fall or spring semesters, or (optimally) both.  For fall or full-year participants, the program begins with a seven-week (2 credit) intensive language and culture course that consists of three weeks in Lecce in the month of August, followed by a short break and then four more weeks in Bologna before the beginning of the academic year; spring-only participants will have a similar three-week (1 credit) course in Bologna in January.  A full complement of courses taught in Italian dealing with Italian literature, history, government, art history and other areas are offered at the program’s center, taught by faculty from the Universita’ di Bologna and by the program director.

Qualified students are strongly encouraged to enroll in courses at the Universita’, and thus students with good language skills will have a wide range of fields from which to choose, including economics, government and the natural sciences.  All courses carry one Wesleyan credit.  All courses taken on the ECCO Program are acceptable to the ITST major.  Courses in other disciplines must be approved for credit toward the major by the appropriate advisor.  One and only one Università di Bologna course may be on a Cr/U basis. Any additional courses taken at the University must be taken for a grade. All other courses, whether taken at the Università or on the ECCO Program will be taken for a grade.

Cost of the program is approximately equivalent to that of staying on the home campus for the same period, and it includes round-trip air transportation between New York and Italy.  Applications for the fall semester are due by February 15, for the spring semester, by October 1, and must be submitted to the Office of Study Abroad.

Students participating in Wesleyan’s Program in Bologna for any duration may receive credit for four courses.  Students attending study abroad programs other than ECCO are required to have those credits reviewed by their advisor before they will be accepted for the major.