Language Program

Placement Testing in Spanish

All new students who plan to continue study of Spanish must take a language placement exam or be exempted from the exam by a score of 3 or above on an AP exam

Advanced Placement (AP) Scores

The high school AP exam will be used to place entering first-year students into the appropriate language or literature course at Wesleyan. Students with an AP score of 3 or higher DO NOT need to take the Language Placement Exam to take a language course during their Freshman year. However, if they wait beyond their first year to enroll in the appropriate course, they will need to take the Language Placement Exam before enrolling in a Spanish course, since the results of the high school AP exam will no longer be valid for the purposes of placement.

The following chart shows how students with AP scores are placed into Spanish courses:

AP Spanish Score       

Language           Literature                     Appropriate Wesleyan Course

3                       --                             Spanish 110/111

4                         3                            Spanish 112/113

5                         4                            Spanish 221

                           5                            Spanish 230 or above  (Before registering, students are strongly urged to seek the advice of the course instructor.)

IB Spanish Score

Students who score a 6 or 7 (especially Higher Level) would normally place into Spanish 221.  In the event of other scores, our recommendation is to take the Wesleyan placement exam.

Wesleyan Language Placement Test

A Spanish online test is available through your portfolio to all incoming students without an AP score. If you do not have online access during the summer, you can also take the test after arrival on campus. Normally only first-year students can access the language placement test in their portfolios as explained below. All other students (or those who, for whatever reason, do not see the language placement exam link in their portfolios) should email Emmanuel Paris-Bouvret, Director of the Language Resource Center ( and request he activate the placement exam in their portfolios.

To access the online test, follow these steps:

1.  Make sure you use a computer with an appropriate browser:

2. Locate your electronic portfolio at Use the username and  password provided in this mailing to access your portfolio.   

3.  Under the section For New Students, follow the instructions on the Welcome page to access the online tests.  Please read all instructions carefully.

4.  To enter the test, you will be asked to reenter your username and password.  

5.  After you complete the test, click on a button to see your score.  Based on your score, a placement recommendation will be placed in your portfolio in the section labeled “AP Scores and Placement Info”.  This result will be reported to the Department of Romance Languages & Literatures.