Reporting to Wesleyan

If the incident took place between you and another Wesleyan student, you have the option to report to the University; but that is not your only option.  Please contact a  Contact a Title IX Investigator or the Director, Office of Survivor Advocacy and Campus Education to discuss additional resources.

The university’s commitment to non-discrimination includes an assurance that the university will not tolerate unlawful discrimination or harassment on the basis of person’s sex, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other unlawful basis or retaliation in its community.  The university follows through on the commitment, in part, through the implementation of its Policy Prohibiting Discriminatory Harassment & Sexual Misconduct and Process for Investigating and Resolving Student Complaints. 

Wesleyan policies and processes differ from Connecticut criminal law and will yield different outcomes; the entire process is outlined in the Student Handbook.  This process describes how the university will investigate a report that an individual has engaged in conduct that could violate this policy and determine what, if any, safety measures and/or disciplinary sanctions are appropriate.  In general, the entire process of investigating and adjudicating a report at Wesleyan will take no longer than 60 days from the time of the initial report.

After receiving a report of conduct that could fall under the Sexual Misconduct Policy, the Title IX Officer, Coordinator or designee will take initial steps; these initial steps are not an investigation.  Rather, these initial steps will enable the university to assess the need to take any immediate action to address the safety and health needs of the reporting/affected student (complainant) and the university community, to determine the next steps for support, resources and /or investigating the reported conduct, as well as the need for any interim measures.