The Resource Center came into being after a group of students led a campaign, called “Is this Why?” advocating for administrative accountability, transparency and deliberate anti-racist measures after the reoccurance of indicidents of bias and discrimination toward queer, racialized and disabled students.  These actions, or lack thereof, were not solely Wesleyan issues but demonstrative of similar problems students faced on college campuses across the country and symptomatic of a longer history of white supremacy, cisheteronormativity and ableism in the academy. The campaign,  informed by the experiences of many Wesleyan students, as well as decades of student advocacy, responded to a chronic lack of support for historically marginalized students.

One of the principal demands of the activists was the creation of a multicultural student center that would cater to the needs of marginalized students. During the fall semester of 2016, the Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee (EISC), comprising of students and faculty, was created to confirm the intentions of the University to comply with demands of students. After months of meetings, the Resource Center was given a physical space and opened its doors in September of 2017. Since its inauguration, the center and its staff have strived to promote the values of wakefulness, hopefulness, mightiness and interconnectedness.


Selected Historical Timeline