Part of the mission of The Resource Center is to provide resources to underrepresented and marginalized students on campus.  Below is a brief list of the ways in which we provide direct as well as community building resources to collaboratively address the impact of injustice and inequity on the experience of underrepresented and marginalized students at Wesleyan:

  • LIT Financial Literacy Program-  LIT was created by a first gen, low-income college grad as a way to empower students like her to take ownership of their financial future. How incredible will it be to have your money questions and concerns addressed by SOMEONE WHO GETS IT!  The program is totally online and FREE to FGLI Wesleyan students who sign up (sign-up link)! Step into and step back from content as you need to over the course of this year to gain the tools and knowledge you need to make decisions now, for summers, and for after graduation!  If you are already signed up for LIT, you can access your account here (link).


  • FGLI Textbook Library / FGLI Textbook Request Program-  Because of the success of the textbook request program, starting this year, the RC is partnering with the Olin Library to help manage the FGLI Textbook Library and FGLI Textbook Request program.  You will be able to find books related to the center's areas of focus in the RC (167 High Street) and you will be able to find textbooks related to science, mathematics, economics, psychology, language, film, art, history, politics, and fiction in the new FGLI Textbook Library section located in the Science Library on the main floor / Hall-Atwater side (picture of location).
    • The FGLI Textbook Request program allows first generation and/or low-income students to apply for the RC to buy a textbook that they need for a class and lend it out to them on a monthly basis as part of the FGLI Textbook Library.  First check out our catalogue (RC location catalogue, Science Library location catalogue) to see if we have the text already in the library, then just apply through this form!
  • Co-Sponsorship Form- fill out this form if you would like to apply for RC support of an initiative and/or event that you are organizing that relates to our five areas of focus.
    • The RC co-sponsorship budget is for any student who is looking to receive RC support for an initiative and/or event that they are organizing that relates to our five areas of focus (race, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, disability, gender, sexuality, sustainability, spirituality, and social and political activism). 
    • We prioritize funding events and initiatives that have a positive impact on community development on campus related to our areas of focus.  Some key questions to think about before applying for RC co-sponsorship include:
      • Does the event/initiative help marginalized and underrepresented student communities navigate the university better?
      • Does the event/initiative help marginalized and underrepresented student communities better develop their connections and sense of belonging?
      • Does the event/initiative help students to maintain awareness of matters related to intolerance and inaccessibility and to lessen violence in matters related to social identities and human differences on campus?
    • The RC routinely provides the following support services to student leaders and organizations that contribute to our areas of focus:
      • Printing, fundraising/funding, program planning, financial administration and procurement, contract processing, setup and cleanup, marketing and advertising, dinning service materials, coalition building and resource sharing, conference funding and debrief meetings
    • After submitting a co-sponsorship request it can take 3-4 business days for administrative follow-up to occur.  After submitting a request, students must meet with RC staff to talk about their request, answer follow-up and logistics questions, and plan next steps.  Students must apply for funding no later than two weeks before their event.
    • The main thing the RC can not fund are requests that are not directly related to our areas of focus, only have an impact on individual students, and/or no impact upon the campus community and climate as a whole. 
  • WesPeriod ProjectThe Wesleyan Period Project was created to provide a variety of free sustainable menstrual products to menstruating individuals on campus. We believe that everyone should have the right to comprehensive knowledge and to make decisions about their own health. By providing a variety of free sustainable menstrual products, we hope to provide students, especially those who previously did not have access to these products due to issues of cost, with increased options.  Pick up tampon and pad supplies in The RC, WesWell, or Usdan and register to get a menstrual cup in Davidson Health Center!


  • Trans Vocal Coaching InitiativeThe Resource Center is working with licensed speech therapists, Jordan Ross Jakomin (website) and Heather Gross (website), to provide a safe and supportive environment for trans students to find the voice that is true for themselves. Students will meet with the coaches for 2 group sessions in early February to overview what their voice therapy options are, understand the basics of their voice, and what they should be looking for/expect to accomplish when seeking a speech therapist and undergoing speech therapy. Students will also have the option to have up to five individual, 1on1, coaching sessions paid for by this initiative as well.  If you have any questions about this initiative, please reach out to us at!


  • Free Laundry Detergent- fill out this form if you are a first generation and/or low-income student and would like to receive free Generation Conscious laundry detergent.  All first generation and/or low-income students at Wesleyan are invited to participate in a new initiative led by Generation Conscious and co-sponsored by the Office of Sustainability, The Resource Center and The Green Fund.


  • Game Library- See the front desk asisstant in The RC if you would like to check out games from the RC!  We have a wide variety of board, simulation, and card games to choose from.  You may check games out for no longer than three business days.


  • Kitchen/Pantry- tea, coffee, oatmeal, granola bars, ramen, mac and cheese, pasta kits, shelf-stable snacks.


  • Computer Lab- three computers, free printing, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office.


  • Supplies for student organizations and organizing on campus (e.g. office supplies, poster materials, copier, markers, etc.).

  • Reserve Space- You can reserve our conference room (seats up to 15) or central meeting room (seats up to 25, has projector setup) by booking space on EMS (link).


  • The Wesleyan Resource Guide- an online blog developed and maintained by interns of the RC in the hopes of helping underrepresented groups, particularly first-generation and low-income students, better navigate Wesleyan’s campus through community experiences and advice.

If you have ideas about specific resources the Resource Center should provide, please fill out our co-sponsorship form with your idea and details about how we could possibly make it happen!