COVID-19 Response Announcement

The Resource Center will reopen after the Wesleyan quarantine period ends on September 7th.  Our operational hours at that time will be Sunday-Friday from 10am-8pm.  Although students are not able to physically check out books from the RC during quarantine, they can virtually reserve and check out books by filling out this form.  You can see what books are available in the library by checking out our catalogue.  You can also check out books from the RC or request a book to be purchased through the FGLI Textbook Fund even if you are studying remotely- we will ship the book to you.

If you would like to reserve a study room in the RC, fill out this form!

Beyond providing academic supplies, The RC staff is eager to engage with the Wesleyan student body this year on creating meaningful virtual community spaces for underrepresented and marginalized students during these difficult times.  If you have an idea for a program or initiative that would help support underrepresented and marginalized student populations on campus,  please reach out to us with your suggestions.

Welcome Home!

The Resource Center (RC) seeks to support, empower, and engage students with underrepresented and marginalized identities at Wesleyan University. The center’s areas of focus include promoting dialogue and coalition building around the intersections of race, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, disability, gender, sexuality, sustainability, spirituality, and social and political activism. 

Whether you want to reserve one of our homey meeting spaces, need help with a personal or organizational issue related to social differences, looking for employment opportunities, have a great program idea, want to promote some of the great work that you are already doing in the community, or just want to know what is happening in the center, please reach out to us!


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    Use these link to learn more about how you can utilize the RC to support your organization and/or underrepresented and marginalized students on campus!

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    If you need community based resources and/or have a passion for community building, social justice, and contributing to social change, here are links that were curated to direct people to useful resources and organizations on and off-campus related to the RC's five areas of focus.

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    Values and Philosophy

    Learn more about the values and philosophies that guide the work of the center!

Check out our calendar of events related to the center's five areas of focus!  

If you have an event, initiative, or opportunity related to our mission and purpose that you would like us to advertise to our community, please fill out this form!