Gender and Sexuality

  • Cardinal Cares
    Cardinal Cares is an organization created to help spread awareness about eating disorders, distorted body image, and negative self-talk. Through this organization, we hope to eliminate some of the negative stigmas that surround eating disorders and mental illness as a whole.
  • Clinic Escorts

    We are dedicated to providing nonjudgmental support and comfort to clinic patients regardless of background and choice. We volunteer as clinic escorts at the Hartford GYN Center, a private clinic in Hartford. Our job is to escort clinic patients and their families from their car to the clinic door. We act as a barrier between harassment from anti-abortion protestors and those who seek entrance into the clinic. We are not there to engage with the protesters. We are a positive, supportive presence.



  • HOUSE (Human Organisms Undertaking Sexy Entertainment)

    HOUSE is dedicated to the appreciation and practice of LGBTQ+ performance art, particularly in the styles of drag performance and club kid culture. Through drag performance, informational meetings, media viewing, and social events, HOUSE aims to cultivate a healthy LGBTQ+ campus culture that recognizes LGBTQ+ culture's historical roots in party spaces while actively combating the dangers inherent in such connections.


  • Relay for Life at Wesleyan
    WesRelay aims to bring the Wesleyan community together to raise money for and awareness about a cure for cancer. So many are affected by cancer both directly and indirectly, so finding a cure is an issue near and dear to many hearts. By working together we can begin to make a difference in the fight against cancer.
  • Spectrum

    Spectrum seeks to provide a safe space where people can affirm their sexuality without having to sacrifice their ethnic identity and give queer students of color a voice within both the queer community and the student of color community. Our goal is to create a queer community of color where all queer or questioning students of color feel united, safe and welcome. In that community we strive to provide affirmation of our racial and sexual identities, information to the larger Wesleyan communities, and visibility within Wesleyan so that we never lose our voices again.



    Websites and Social Media

  • Title IX Student Advisory Committee

    The Title IX Student Advisory Committee (SAC) presents policy and education suggestions to the administration, raises awareness about ongoing efforts to reduce sexual assault on campus, and provides bi-annual updates to the Wesleyan community regarding this work.


  • Unity

    Unity serves to create a safe and powerful place for LGBTQ+ Christians to explore their identity and faith in a welcoming community. People from every place of their faith and identity journey are welcome and membership is confidential.


  • WesBurlesque
    WesBurlesque is the annual burlesque dance show held every Spring. It features about 15 dances, accompanied by a live band and singers. All the proceeds from the shows go to Planned Parenthood, usually totaling about $4,500.
  • Wesleyan American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
    College chapter dedicated to upholding most basic constitutional rights (projects concerning projects concerning LGBT Rights, Women's Rights, Free Speech, Immigration, Police Accountability, Racial Justice, Voting Rights, Freedom of Religion, and Youth and Student Rights)
  • Wesleyan Doula Project

    The Wesleyan Doula Project (WDP) is a student-run collective dedicated to providing free and compassionate support for people making the decision to terminate their pregnancies. By providing emotional, physical, and informational support and advocacy, we work to combat the stigma around abortion and reproductive health and to ensure that each individual receives the care they deserve.



    Website and Social Media

  • Wesleyan Women and Children (WesWAC)

    WesWAC is a student-run collective committed to advocating support and resources for pregnant women, infants, and children. Through community service and supporting resource and adoption centers, we show our dedication to a life-affirming outlook. All are welcome to join and become involved.

  • WesWell

    WesWell, the Office of Health Education, is an integral part of Wesleyan University's Health Services. WesWell understands the impact of student health on academic performance and is committed to providing services that are designed to develop healthy behaviors and prevent health concerns that may interfere with academic and personal success.




  • Womxn of Color Collective (WoCoCo)
    The Women of Color Collective provides a safe space for all who are in support of issues regarding women of color. The Collective comes together to share ideas, gain support, laugh, discuss, and have difficult dialogues with the common goal of making the reality for people of color and women of color safer on campus and throughout the world.