The Connection Campaign

The Connection Campaign is a poster series designed to educate members of the Wesleyan Community on principles of trauma-informed, compassionate activism around interpersonal violence on campus. With fostering connection at its core, this poster series outlines information on survivor-centered support, non-violent responses to interpersonal violence disclosures, and the diversity of survivors' experiences. 

In re-imagining a world without interpersonal violence, we must be self-reflective in the ways that violence shows up habitually in our lives. We live in a “rape culture,” where sexual and dating violence is normalized and reinforced through gendered, racialized, ableist scripts and expectations. In challenging rape culture, we must un-learn the ways we have been socialized to normalize violence, and learn ways to be in relation to others in non-violent ways. The Connection Campaign seeks to do that through centering compassion and a trauma-informed lens to activism work. Leading with these frameworks honors survivors through centering their unique needs, while also lending itself to dismantle violent systems of oppression rooted in rape culture.

This campaign is sponsored by the Resource Center. For more information on this campaign, please contact Demetrius Colvin (