SHAPE Workshop Options

All workshops and educational programs are flexible and customizable to meet your community's needs. Workshops can be facilitated with students, staff, or faculty. If you have an idea, we would love to collaborate with you on it!

Below are a list of possible workshop topics:

Healthy Relationships & Dating Violence

Participants will explore components of healthy relationships and define dating violence and explore messages and perceptions surrounding it. Methods of control used in unhealthy or abusive relationships and red flag behaviors, as well as resources for supporting survivors, will be identified and reviewed. 

Yes Means Yes: A Guide to Consent

Participants will explore consent and corresponding components as dynamic, mutual, enthusiastic, freely, and willingly given and gotten from all parties involved in sexual activity. Means for communicating consent and recognizing when consent is not present will be identified. Participants will also explore what sexual assault is and looks like, and how elements of coercive control play a role in manipulation and power dynamics. Resources for supporting survivors will also be reviewed.

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Survivors

Participants will define gender and sexuality as they relate to identities, while exploring the coming out process for folks member to gender and sexuality minority communities. This foundational information will be applied to examine dynamics of interpersonal violence within the gender and sexuality minority community. To prepare folks to be better allies, participants will have an opportunity to practice skills for supporting LGBTQIA+ survivors and accessing resources on campus. 

Trauma-Informed Activism

This workshop invites participants to define trauma-informed activism and advocacy, while discussing dynamics of interpersonal violence in connection to a "survivor-centered" lens of this advocacy. Participants will practice applying a "survivor-centered" lens to activism using concepts of trauma-informed support by creating their own action plans for an anti-sexual/dating violence movement or demonstration. 

Intersectionality 101 and Supporting Survivors

This workshop presents participants with an opportunity to define interesctionality and social privilege, informing discussions on the impact of social identity on sexual violence and dating violence. Barriers to support amongst and within diverse communities will be identified in exploring how an intersectional, "feminist-reflexive," lens can inform supporting survivors. 

Let's Talk About Sex: Holistic Sexuality Models & Conversations

This workshop serves as an opportunity for participants to explore healthy sexuality models and their components. Participants will explore and practice techniques for starting conversations with peers on healthy sexuality  as a tool of violence prevention, disrupting rape culture, and supporting survivors.

Peer Health Advocate Workshops: Peer-Facilitated Conversations

If you would like to schedule a peer-facilitated conversation on a related topic such as Healthy Hookups, Supporting Survivors, or Consent, request a program through WesWell.

Request a Workshop

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