Getting Involved

Wesleyan students have a long history of getting involved in the greater Middletown community.  Much of this is done through volunteer and community service through the Jewett Center for Community Partnerships.  But some academic courses—service-learning courses—also have a service component to them.  In the past, students enrolled in service-learning courses at Wesleyan have:

  • Conducted the homeless count required by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Middlesex Supportive Housing Coalition;
  • Examined the effect of local preschools on preparing kindergarteners to be school-ready, for the Middletown School Readiness Council;
  • Studied the North End landfill to determine whether the methane it produced could be harvested economically;
  • Taught 20th century music compositional techniques to Middletown High School students;
  • Taught dance classes at the Green Street Arts Center;
  • Aided medical research at the Community Health Clinic.

If you think Wesleyan students might be of help in a project your organization or agency is doing, planning, or just imagining, the first step is an informal discussion with the Director of Service Learning. 

Contact information:

  Peggy Carey Best
  Director for Service Learning
  Visiting Assistant Professor, Sociology