DANC 341: Dance Teaching Workshop: The Embodied Practice of Knowing

This course familiarizes students with various methods and practices for teaching dance and movement to children and adults. Combining theoretical perspectives on education, dance, body/mind, and creativity together with hands-on practice teaching dance, students will gain practical skill in curriculum design and teaching while developing a personal philosophy on the role of dance in education and life. As part of this course, students will design and teach a dance class of their choice in the community (concurrent enrollment in Dance Teaching Practicum DANC447, 0.5 credit, required). Prior dance training is not required; however, students should have an interest in dance, arts, education, and bodily engagement in learning. Previous student-design practicum courses have included: Creative Dance for Children, Dance for Seniors, Tango, Jazz, Movement Improvisation, Dance Composition, Poetry Through Movement, Science Choreography, Mask Making and Performance, and Contemporary Dance. Sites have included local schools, after-school programs, Vinnie's Jump and Jive, on-campus locations, senior centers, assisted living facilities, churches, and synagogues.