FIST 221: The Pedagogy of Second Language Teaching and Learning

This course offers a foundation for second language (L2) acquisition in the classroom and teaching approaches. Specifically:
  • characteristics of L2 learning
  • an understanding of the most commonly used L2 methodologies and strategies
  • basic know-how for analyzing and creating materials for language learning/teaching
  • L2 teaching as a profession
Classes and readings will be in English, given that the tutorial combines students of French and Spanish. However, the development of students' target language (TL) is also considered a priority in the course, supported by looking at authentic and pedagogical materials, creating pedagogical materials of their own, and by using the language in class during volunteering hours.
This course is intended for students who, being FREN, HISP, or RMST majors or advanced learners in French or Spanish, may be considering a career in education, and who commit to volunteering at the Middletown public schools while taking this course (at the very least). There is a volunteering commitment of 2 hours/week minimum during the semester. Students must take this course concurrently with a FREN or SPAN course numbered 215 or above.