Course Registration: Preregistration and Drop/Add

The first three phases of course registration (planning, scheduling, and adjustment) are known as preregistration. For all entering students, preregistration for fall courses takes place over the summer; for continuing students, it takes place the previous April. Preregistration for spring courses takes place in November for current students and January for new students. During preregistration planning in April and November, students are required to have their plans finalized by a pre-major or major advisor to be included in the scheduling process.

After preregistration ends, the next opportunity for students to change their class schedule is during Drop/Add, which opens a week before the semester starts and runs for three weeks. All course enrollments during drop/add require instructor approval. By default, students are limited to enrolling in up to four full-credit courses (1.0 credit or higher), excluding private music lessons and tutorials. There is no limit to the number of partial credit courses a student may take. If it’s appropriate for a student to take more than four full-credit courses, their advisor can increase their credit load up to six full-credit courses. This can only be done during the drop/add period. 

For more details and information about course registration, visit the Registrar’s website.