Alcohol and Other Drugs Committee

The Alcohol and other Drugs (AOD) Committee is charged with creating and executing a strategic plan for addressing alcohol and other drug issues in a comprehensive manner. The committee also completes the Biennial Review every other year. The membership currently consists of:  

Core Committee

The Core Committee oversees and coordinates the activities of the entire AOD committee and reports out on the committee's activities to relevant bodies on campus. Members are:

  • Joyce Walter, Health Services (chair)
  • Rick Culliton, Assistant Vice President/Dean of Students
  • WSA Student Representative (co-chair)
  • Subcommittee co-chairs, as listed below

Three subcommittees conduct the bulk of the work of the AOD committee and report to the Core Committee.

Assessment Subcommittee
Tasked with seeking out opportunities to assess the efficacy of Wesleyan’s prevention and intervention practices, including the implementation of the Core Alcohol & Other Drug Use Survey, and develop other recommendations for further assessment and evaluation.

Policy & Accountability Subcommittee
Tasked with assessing current AOD policies and practices for enforcing and adjudicating policy, exploring evidence-based methodologies and best practices in the field, and recommending changes to be implemented.

Education and Environmental Strategies Subcommittee
Tasked with reviewing educational efforts on AOD issues, both inside and outside the classroom, and seeking evidence-based methodologies and best practices for improving these efforts.

This group also is tasked with reviewing, recommending changes, and implementing practices on campus which contribute to creating a healthier campus environment and culture surrounding alcohol and other drugs. Seek out evidence-based practices and considers what will fit best at Wesleyan.

 Questions and feedback on the contents of this website may be sent to Joyce Walter.