About the Certificate

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To help students develop proficiency in the study of social, cultural, and critical theory, this certificate encourages students to seek out theory-intensive courses in a wide range of disciplines and departments at Wesleyan.

To qualify for the Social, Cultural and Critical Theory (SCCT) Certificate, a student must successfully complete six authorized courses, hosted by at least three different departments or programs. All classes must be taken on a graded (A-F) scale. The minimum grade required in each course is a B-. Courses taken on a CR/U scale count only in the case of COL majors and CSS majors; for the latter, only CR/U courses taken during their sophomore year count. Of the six courses that count for the certificate, no more than two may be lecture courses.

Courses that are not listed as SCCT courses on WesMaps or included on the certificate’s website (wesleyan.edu/theory) may be used to fulfill certificate requirements if deemed suitable by the certificate director.

Up to two of the six courses may be taken during a semester abroad, and up to three may be taken during a year abroad. With authorization from the certificate director, students may also count up to two courses transferred from another U.S. institution.

Students who wish to earn the certificate should meet with the certificate’s director, Professor Matthew Garrett (mcgarrett@wesleyan.edu), preferably in the fall of their junior year. preferably in the fall of their junior year. Students will ideally have completed at least two courses before the beginning of their junior year and will fill out an application form (available on the website). This application must be reviewed by one of the directors and then submitted to Erinn Savage (esavage@wesleyan.edu) at the Center for the Humanities, 95 Pearl Street.

Upon completing the requisite six courses, students should submit a “certificate completion form” (also available on the website) to Erinn Savage at the Center for the Humanities. This form must be completed and submitted by the end of classes during the spring semester of the senior year.