Wasch Center By-Laws

Adopted, May 2, 2017  

         By-Laws for the Wasch Center for Retired Faculty 

I. The Office of the Director or Co-Directors 

A. The principal executive functions of the Center will be exercised by a Director or Co-Directors. 

B. Directors and Co-Directors will be nominated by the Wasch Center Advisory Board and appointed by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. 

C. Directors and Co-Directors will serve three-year terms, which will be renewable. 

D. The Directors and Co-Directors will supervise the Center’s Administrative Assistant. They will appoint organizers of the various programs of the Center, and will oversee and, where necessary, coordinate such programs. They will have final authority over the allocation of space, including the assignment of offices and use of the Center for functions initiated by others in the Wesleyan community.  They will also negotiate the Center’s annual budget with the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.   

II. The Wasch Center Advisory Board 

A. The principal decisions on the overall direction of the Center will be made by the Wasch Center Advisory Board, which in regularly scheduled meetings will also advise the Director or Co-Directors on the Center’s policies and programs and on any other matters raised by the Director or Co-Directors.

B. Members of the Board will be nominated by currently serving members of the Board and appointed by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs from the pool of emeriti/ae, from the active faculty over sixty years old, and from the broader Wesleyan community.

C. Membership of the Board will normally consist of the organizers of the principal programs of the Center, along with persons appointed because of their special knowledge of the Center, its activities, and its history. Every effort should be made to ensure that each Division of the University is represented on the Board. Currently serving Directors and Co-Directors will also voting be members of the Advisory Board. William Wasch is an ex officio member.

D. Board members who are not ex-officio will serve three-year terms, which will be renewable. 

III. Revision of By-laws A. With ten day’s written notice, these by-laws may be revised or extended  By a favorable vote of two thirds of the Advisory Board and approval of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.  

B. Proxy votes, both written and e-mailed, will be allowed if received by the Director(s) before the announced meeting.