Wasch Center Emeritus College

In the fall of 2017, the Wasch Center for Retired Faculty began a two-year pilot program, "Wesleyan Emeritus College."
The Wasch Center Emeritus College was established to encourage undergraduates to explore the prospect of taking individual tutorials within their areas of interest from retired faculty members.  Faculty participants in this program have been specifically approved to administer tutorials for credit by their parent departments.  Students are encouraged to approach retired faculty members listed in this program to explore the possibility of arranging a tutorial.  All of the faculty members participating in the program are willing to give tutorials, but will necessarily be selective in the proposals they accept.  
The Wesleyan Connection featured a story about this pilot program here.

If you are an emeritus faculty member interested in offering a tutorial, please fill out this form and email to emoemeka@wesleyan.edu and radelstein@wesleyan.edu.


  • Richard P. Adelstein

    Woodhouse/Sysco Professor of Economics, Emeritus

  • Jack Carr

    Professor of Theater, Emeritus

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    I was the Lighting Designer for both Theater and Dance. Scene Designer for Theater. Head of Production for Theater and Dance.  Designer for over 100 Theater and Dance. Professional designer in New York, Hartford, New Haven, U.K., Bucharest, Romania, and Russia.

    My interests include lighting Design for Dance or Theater. Scenic Design for Dance or Theater. Written Thesis in Theater History and Dramatic Literature.

    I taught Introduction to Production, Lighting Design, Designing for the computer. I advised hundreds of Thesis productions.

  • Bruce A. Masters

    John E. Andrus Professor of History, Emeritus

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    History of the Middle East from the era of the Prophet Muhammad to the present, with a special emphasis on the Ottoman Empire; history of Ireland

  • Priscilla Meyer

    Professor of Russian Language and Literature, Emerita

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    I would  enjoy offering a tutorial or directing a thesis on the work of Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky, Nabokov, or Chekhov with someone who appreciates the pleasures of close reading and intertextual analysis. I’m also interested in translation and happy to work on translating from Russian.
  • J. Donald Moon

    John E. Andrus Professor of Government, Emeritus Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Professor in the College of Social Studies, Emeritus

  • Russ Murphy

    Professor of Government, Emeritus

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    My research and teaching have focused on U.S. politics and government; less generally on urban politics and local governments;  and less generally still,  on the origins and fate of the Johnson Administration’s Great Society initiatives --- inter alia, the Voting Right Act, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the Higher Education Act, the Housing and Community Development Act, Medicaid. 

     My interest was greatly influenced by my work in (and on) New Haven’s prototype anti-poverty program. It was also influenced, more broadly, by an a long-standing wonderment  --- dating from my years in Brighton, Rome, Chestnut Hill, Pearl Harbor and Yale --- about the correlates of the seeming inexorable  growth of the ministrant and administrative state(s) and the implications of this growth for the viability of “democratic” politics.

  • Michael J. Roberts

    Robert Rich Professor of Latin, Emeritus

  • Rob Rosenthal

    John E. Andrus Professor of Sociology, Emeritus

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    Housing and homelessness 

    Social movements, particularly the role of music and culture in social movements 

    Community-based learning 

  • Yoshiko Samuel

    Professor of Asian Languages and Literatures, Emerita

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    I specialized in postwar Japanese literature, especially on Atomic-bomb Literature, Mishima Yukio and Oe Kenzaburo; also taught survey courses on modern Japanese literature, and women writers of Japan, Japanese poetry, and aesthetics throughout Japan’s literary history.  Advised on senior honor theses.

    Also thought Japanese language at all levels.

  • Karl Scheibe

    Professor of Psychology, Emeritus

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    I taught in Wesleyan’s Psychology Department from 1963-2005, and since then directed the Wasch Center for Retired Faculty, until 2016.  My interests are in the connections between psychology and theater, in addictive disorder, and in the Narrative Approach to Psychological Theory and Practice.  I have special interests in William James, Erving Goffman, George Orwell, Jose’ Ortega y Gassett among others. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and maintain a modest private practice.  I am at home with quantitative as well as qualitative methods.
  • Nancy Schwartz

    Professor of Government, Emerita

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     Classical Greek political theory (Plato, Aristotle), medieval political thought (Moses Maimonides,

    St. Thomas Aquinas), classical political sociology (Karl Marx, Max Weber), political representation

    and political parties, religion and politics, Israel, and ethical dilemmas of politics (action, leadership,


  • Ellen Thomas

    Harold T. Stearns Professor of Integrative Sciences, Emerita

  • Al Turco

    Professor of English, Emeritus

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    I have taught in the quite eclectic English department at Wesleyan from 1967-2009.  Specialty in drama – Shakespeare (of course); selected playwrights of the early modern period (Ibsen, Strindberg,  Shaw, O’Neill).  Also interested in Scandinavian literature in translation ( Knut Hamsun), Wagnerian opera (The RING),  late and post-Victorian novel (e.g., Hardy, Conrad).  Emphasis on literary classics as the practice of philosophy by another name, as carriers of cultural cross-currents, and as works of art in their own right.
  • Ruth Weissman

    Walter Crowell University Professor of Social Sciences, Emerita

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    Professor Ruth Weissman (formerly named Ruth Striegel-Moore) is a clinical psychologist with research expertise in eating and weight disorders. Her scholarship focuses on reducing the burden of suffering associated with eating and weight problems. Her projects have included work on defining and classifying eating disorders, studies of risk factors for the development of eating and weight disorders, treatment outcome studies, and research of health services utilization and costs related to obesity, binge eating, and eating disorders. Professor Weissman teaches Positive Psychology, Seminar on Eating Disorders, and Advanced Research Methods in a variety of topical areas (e.g., epidemiology; psychosocial interventions).
  • Duffy White

    Associate Professor of Russian Language and Literature, Emeritus

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    I recently retired from Wesleyan's Department of Russian Language and Literature where I taught courses that combined the study of 19th to 21st century Russian history with the study of the narrative and dramatic forms developed by Russian writers.  I taught a range of courses--from monograph courses on Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and Chekhov to period courses such as the novels of the 1860s and 1870s and the poetry of 1900-1930.  I also taught courses on literary theory, focusing mostly, but not exclusively, on the works of Russian writers and theorists.
  • Krishna R. Winston

    Marcus L. Taft Professor of German Language and Literature and Professor, College of the Environment, Emerita

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    I would be happy to supervise tutorials, theses, and senior projects focused on German literature and on translation, as well as on environmental studies. I would also consider supervising partial-credit or full-credit tutorials for juniors or seniors whose schedules conflict with GRST212 or 213 but who want to maintain and improve their German to qualify for Fulbright, DAAD, or Baden-Würrttemberg Exchange grants.