Understanding Islam, Introduction to a Misunderstood Faith

Islam is a religion of 1.7 billion people across 196 countries with 50 being Muslim majority countries. Approximately one-fourth of the world’s population is Muslim. The word Islam comes from salaam (Hebrew: shalom), meaning peace, and Allah, the Muslim word for God. Humanity is linked by so many common ties through faith and language, yet strife, rather than our common humanity, is so often what captures our attention. Are you curious about the difference between Islam and Muslims? Or the gulf that separates ISIS followers, with their acts of terror and violence, from the rest of the Islamic community? Do you want to know why Muslim women wear the headscarf (hijab)? Or why Muslims place such value on a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetimes? This whirlwind course will touch on the highlights of the Muslim faith and promote active discussion.

Instructor: Sami Aziz

Three Tuesdays: November 14, 28; December 5  
6–8 P.M.
Wasch Center, Butterfield Room  

Sami Aziz

 SAMI A. AZIZ  is a graduate of the Master’s in Islamic Chaplaincy program at Hartford Seminary. He serves as Wesleyan University’s Muslim chaplain and is an Assistant Imam for the Bloomfield Muslim Community Center. He is founder of Common Ground Institute and Services (, a consulting organization dedicated to educating the public in Islam and collaborating for peace. He is a founding member of the Interfaith Refugee Resettlement Committee and active in public education regarding the Muslim faith.