Are you an aspiring oenophile?


This hands-on course will help you understand viticulture, vinification, and sensory evalution of wines from around the world. Registration cost includes wines for tasting and a discounted, guided buying opportunity at a local wine shop.


Session 1 – Wine 101

  • Understanding viticulture, vinification, and sensory evaluation.
    • Discover the aspects of cultivating vineyards that lead to growing the special grapes, which make the wines we enjoy.
    • Learn about the human element and how it affects the composition of wine.
    • Appreciate the simple analysis of how to taste wine.
  • Session 2 – France
    • Explore the main regions and their grapes from oenology’s “Barometer”.
  • Session 3 – Italy
    • Put your toe into wine’s “Cradle of Civilization”.
  • Session 4 – New World vs. Old World
    • From California and Australia to Spain and Germany (and other regions)- get a glimpse of the other Top Ten regions of the world.
  • Session 5 – Food and Wine
    • The true essence of a perfect marriage – Bon Appetit!



Instructor: Greg Altieri

Mondays: November 5, 12, 19, 26, December 3

6:30-8:30 pm

Wasch Center, Butterfield Room

Greg Altieri

GREG ALTIERI currently works for a wine and spirits wholesaler, having split his 21 years between sales duties and directing the training and education department.

Prior to his current role, he spent 20 years in the hospitality business, managing restaurants and a fine wine shop. A lover of wine, Altieri takes a grounded, yet passionate approach to teaching the subject, which he employed working as an adjunct professor at University of New Haven for five years.