“What Beauty Is”: The 15th-century northern European artistic renaissance 

European Renaissance painting

While Italy in the 1400s was launching the Renaissance, what was northern Europe producing in  the visual arts? Although the works appear very different in style from Italy’s in this century, we will see that what they had in common was an intense new interest in the observation of nature. This interest is evident, for example, in the beautiful manuscript illuminations for the Book of Hours by the Limbourg Brothers. We will examine other major works, especially from France and Flanders, such as the famous Unicorn Tapestry and the Merode Altarpiece, both of which can be seen at the Cloisters in New York City.  

Instructor: Rhea Higgins

Date: Thursday March 31, April 7, 14

Time: 4:30-6 pm

Location: Wasch Center Butterfield Room