Academic Year WesMaSS Program

Freshman Year  
Each semester, first-year Scholars enroll in the WesMaSS Colloquium (CIS 121 &122). The Colloquium emphasizes cohort-building events and includes workshops on a variety of topics related to student success in general and in the sciences in particular.  The program continues after the winter break with a short (1 day) “mini-bridge” just before the beginning of the semester.  Workshops and activities throughout the semester focus on, for example, academic challenges beyond the first semester, navigating the curriculum, and identifying and applying for summer internships. During the spring semester, Scholars also explore opportunities for on-campus research.
Sophomore Year
In the second year, the  Scholars continue to meet regularly for focused programming and are given opportunities to serve as mentors to the incoming class of Scholars.  In addition, Scholars will become acquainted with the full range of research opportunities in science and mathematics at Wesleyan and will have the opportunity to apply for a stipend to conduct a faculty-mentored on-campus research project during the summer after the sophomore year.