Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs

Provost & Staff

Ruth Striegel Weissman
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ext. 2010
Walter A. Crowell University Professor of the Social Sciences 
Ruth Striegel Weissman 
  • Direct Reports
      • Athletics
      • Center for the Arts
      • Institutional Research
      • NAGPRA
      • Registrar
      • University Librarian
Karen Anderson
Senior Associate Provost
Ext. 2337
Karen Anderson 
  • Direct Reports
      • Graduate Studies
      • Graduate Liberal Studies Program
      • Institutional Review Board
      • Wesleyan University Press
      • Wasch Center for Retired Faculty
Sheryl Culotta
Associate Provost
Ext. 3680
  • Key Responsibilities
      • Faculty personnel administration
      • Faculty data reporting and data project development
      • Departmental and chair support
      • Budget planning
      • Pre-major faculty advising
      • Grants and donor utilization
      • Liaison and special projects

Academic Deans

Andrew Curran
Dean of Arts and Humanities and Director of Curricular Initiatives
Ext. 3110
Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures
Andrew Curran
  • Key Responsibilities
    • Arts:

      • Art and Art History
      • College of the Moving Image
        • Cinema Archives
        • Film Studies
      • Dance
      • Music
      • Theater


      • Asian Languages and Literatures
      • Classical Studies
      • College of Letters
      • English
      • German Studies
      • Less Commonly Taught Languages
      • Romance Languages and Literatures

      Interdiciplinary Porgrams:

      • East Asian Studies 


      • Freeman Center for East Asian Studies
      • Center for the Humanities
      • Davison Arts Center
      • Language Resource Center
      • Shapiro Writing Center
      • Writing Programs

Joyce Jacobsen
Dean of Social Sciences and Director of Global Initiatives
Ext. 2357
Andrews Professor of Economics



Joyce Jacobsen 
  • Key Responsibilities
    • Social Sciences:

      • American Studies
      • Anthropology
      • College of Social Studies
      • Economics
      • Government
      • History
      • Philosophy
      • Religion
      • Sociology

      Interdisciplinary Programs:

      • African American Studies
      • Archaeology Program
      • Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies
      • Latin American Studies
      • Medieval Studies
      • Russian & East European Studies
      • Science in Society


      • Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life
      • Center for Community Partnerships
      • Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship
      • Quantitative Analysis Center
      • Service-Learning Center
      • Center for African American Studies
      • Center for the Americas
      • Office of International Studies
      • PUblic Affairs Center

Ishita Mukerji
Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Director of Technology Initiatives
Ext. 3110
Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry


Ishita Mukerji
  • Key Responsibilities
      • Astronomy
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Earth and Environmental Sciences
      • Mathematics and Computer Science
      • Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
      • Physics
      • Psychology

      Interdiciplinary Programs:

      • Environmental Studies
      • Neuroscience and Behavior


      • Center for Faculty Career Development
      • College of the Environment
      • McNair Program

      Facilities Management:

      • Animal Facilities
      • Hall-Atwater/Shanklin 


Megan Flagg
Executive Assistant to the Provost and Academic Deans
Ext. 2726


  • Key Responsibilities
      • Administrative support for Provost
      • Administrative support for Academic Deans
      • Support Academic Secretary, Chair of the Faculty, and Chair of EPC
Eloise Glick
Faculty Personnel Analyst
Ext. 2708


 Eloise Glick
  • Key Responsibilities
      • Faculty personnel processes and reporting
      • Faculty database and systems
      • Sabbaticals and leaves
      • Teaching evaluation data
      • Support Advisory Committee
      • Support Review & Appeals Board
      • Immigration issues

Shawn MacDuff
Associate Director, Financial Planning
Ext. 3954


  • Key Responsibilities
      • Supports the development, implementation, and management of the University’s operating budget.
      • Assists in budget management of external grants.
      • Collaborates with departments and fiscal managers in various areas of the University on budget matters.
      • Provides training for Pivot Tables, WFS Inquiry, and Budget Transfers.
Lisa Sacks
Coordinator, Office of Academic Affairs
Ext. 3428
  • Key Responsibilities
      • Faculty Searches
      • Fiscal Manager for Academic Departments
      • Teaching Apprentice program
      • Course Assistant program
      • Coordinator for Institutional Review Board
      • Oversee the grader process, external reviews, one-day retreats
      • Oversee funding for course fees and field trips
      • Coordinator for Churchill and Goldwater Scholarships
      • Support the Office of Institutional Research 


Joy Vodak
Assistant Director, Office of Academic Affairs
Ext. 2705
 Joy Vodak
  • Key Responsibilities
      • Liaison for administrative support staff and Chairs on HR issues
      • Oversee computing and non-computing Capital process and awards
      • Oversee Grants in Support of Scholarship process and awards
      • Implements new portfolio applications
      • Process insurance claims
      • Support the Academic Secretary on faculty governance
      • Coordinate monthly administrative support staff meetings
      • Manage office work flow

Institutional Research

Rommel Guadalupe
Assistant Director
Ext. 2305
Rommel Guadalupe
Michael Whitcomb
Ext. 5340

Office of the Academic Secretary

Thomas Morgan
Academic Secretary
Ext. 3351
Tom Morgan 
  • Key Responsibilities
      • Provide guidance, strength, stability and consistency to faculty governance
      • Advise committees and individuals on matters of academic governance
      • Codify and clarify existing and new legislation, and provides substantive and logistical support for faculty leadership, the Advisory Committee, the Review and Appeals Board, and the Academic Council.
      • Serve as legislative archivist and parliamentarian and administers faculty elections.