Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs

Provost & Staff

Joyce Jacobsen
Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Andrews Professor of Economics
Ext. 2010
Joyce Jacobsen
  • Direct Reports
      • Archaeological Collections & NAGPRA Coordinator
      • Athletics
      • Center for Global Studies
      • Dean of Arts and Humanities
      • Dean of Social Sciences
      • Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
      • Institutional Research
      • Institutional Review Board
      • Registrar
      • University Librarian
      • Wasch Center for Retired Faculty
Mark Hovey
Associate Provost
Professor of Mathematics
Ext. 2337
Mark Hovey 
  • Direct Reports / Key Responsibilities
    • Direct reports:

      • Associate Director, Office of Academic Affairs
      • Center for the Arts
      • Graduate Studies
      • Wesleyan University Press

      Key responsibilties:

      • Budget management and planning
      • Budget Working Group
      • Liason to Finance and Facilities Planning
      • Liason to Compensation and Benefits Committee and Honors Committee
      • Special Projects
Sheryl Culotta
Associate Provost
Ext. 3680
  • Direct Reports / Key Responsibilities
    • Direct reports:

      • Faculty Resource Specialist, Office of Academic Affairs
      • Assistant Director for Curricular Initiatives, Office of Academic Affairs
      • Center for Pedagogical Innovation
        • Center for Faculty Career Development
        • Instructional Design and Development
        • Continuing Studies
        • Pilot Programs

      Key responsibilties:

      • Faculty personnel administration
      • Faculty data reporting and data project development
      • Departmental and chair support
      • Pre-major faculty advising
      • Accreditation and assessment
      • Grants and donor utilization
      • Research compliance
      • Liaison and special projects

Academic Deans

Ellen Nerenberg
Dean of Arts and Humanities
Professor of Italian
Hollis Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures
Ext. 2706
Ellen Nerenberg
  • Key Responsibilities
    • Arts:

      • Art and Art History
      • College of the Moving Image
        • Cinema Archives
        • Film Studies
      • Dance
      • Music
      • Theater


      • Classical Studies
      • College of East Asian Studies
      • College of Letters
      • English
      • German Studies
      • Less Commonly Taught Languages
      • Romance Languages and Literatures


      • Center for the Humanities
      • Davison Arts Center
      • Language Resource Center
      • Shapiro Writing Center
      • Writing Programs
Marc Eisner
Dean of Social Sciences
Henry Merritt Wriston Chair in Public Policy
Ext. 2707
Marc Eisner
  • Key Responsibilities
    • Social Sciences:

      • African American Studies
      • American Studies
      • Anthropology
      • Archaeology
      • College of Social Studies
      • Economics
      • Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
      • Government
      • History
      • Latin American Studies
      • Medieval Studies
      • Philosophy
      • Religion
      • Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies
      • Science in Society
      • Sociology


      • Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life
      • Center for Community Partnerships
      • Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship
      • Quantitative Analysis Center
      • Service-Learning Center
      • Center for African American Studies
      • Center for the Americas
      • Center for Global Studies
      • Public Affairs Center
Joe Knee
Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Professor of Chemistry
Ext. 2727
Joe Knee
  • Key Responsibilities
      • Astronomy
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Earth and Environmental Sciences
      • Environmental Studies
      • Mathematics and Computer Science
      • Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
      • Neuroscience and Behavior
      • Physics
      • Psychology


      • College of the Environment
      • McNair Program

      Facilities Management:

      • Animal Facilities
      • Hall-Atwater/Shanklin 


Megan Flagg
Executive Assistant to the Provost and Academic Deans
Ext. 2726  

  • Key Responsibilities
      • Administrative support for Provost
Eloise Glick
Faculty Resource Specialist
Ext. 2708
 Eloise Glick
  • Key Responsibilities
      • Faculty personnel processes and reporting
      • Faculty database and systems
      • Sabbaticals and leaves
      • Teaching evaluation data
      • Support Advisory Committee
      • Support Review & Appeals Board
      • Immigration issues
Lisa Sacks
Assistant Director for Curricular Initiatives
Ext. 3428
Lisa Sacks
  • Key Responsibilities
      • Faculty Searches
      • Fiscal Manager for Academic Departments
      • Teaching Apprentice program
      • Course Assistant program
      • Coordinator for Institutional Review Board
      • Oversee the grader process, external reviews, one-day retreats
      • Oversee funding for course fees and field trips
      • Oversee Univeristy Fellowships
      • Support the Office of Institutional Research 
Joy Vodak
Associate Director, Office of Academic Affairs
Ext. 2705
 Joy Vodak
  • Key Responsibilities
      • Liaison for administrative support staff and Chairs on HR issues
      • Fiscal Manager for Academic Departments
      • Oversee computing and non-computing Capital process and awards
      • Oversee Grants in Support of Scholarship process and awards
      • Implement new portfolio applications
      • Coordinate monthly administrative support staff meetings
      • Manage office work flow
Maureen Zimmer
Coordinator, Office of Academic Affairs
Ext. 3090
Maureen Zimmer 
  • Key Responsibilities
      • Maintain and reconcile Deans’ discretionary and research budgets
      • Oversee Deans’ calendars
      • Fiscal Manager for Academic Departments
      • Manage divisional blogs, newsletters and communications
      • Support the Academic Secretary and chair of the EPC
      • Oversee purchase and rental of regalia for newly tenure/promoted faculty and for commencement
      • Maintain Faculty and Advisory Handbook
      • Maintain Academic Affairs website

Institutional Research

Assistant Director
  • Key Responsibilities
    • TBD
Michael Whitcomb
Ext. 5340
  • Key Responsibilites
      • Provides data and analytic support for data-driven decision-making
      • Conducts internal and external reporting
      • Conducts surveys and other research studies
      • Supports the development of the University's analytic infrastructure

Office of the Academic Secretary

Ashraf Rushdy
Academic Secretary
Ext. 3577
Ashraf Rushdy 
  • Key Responsibilities
      • Provide guidance, strength, stability and consistency to faculty governance
      • Advise committees and individuals on matters of academic governance
      • Codify and clarify existing and new legislation, and provides substantive and logistical support for faculty leadership, the Advisory Committee, the Review and Appeals Board, and the Academic Council.
      • Serve as legislative archivist and parliamentarian and administers faculty elections.