University Lectures

The ACSPL supports single lectures and lectures series of interest to the university and greater community.

Requests for Proposals go out to all faculty in late summer, with proposals due at the end of September; and again in early April, with proposals due in the beginning of May.  Proposals for lectures should be submitted as early in the planning process as possible, preferably before arrangements and invitations have been made. Regular annual and endowed lecture series are less likely to be funded than other proposals.

Each proposal should:

1) identify the speakers or targeted speakers, and provide cv’s;

2) describe the expected audience and how the event will be publicized;

3) provide a detailed budget and explanation of expenses;

4) explain how logistical support will be provided; and

5) list contributions from other sources.

For further information, please contact Rob Rosenthal, Director of the Allbritton Center, Proposals may be sent as email attachments to Sara Wadlow,