JCCP Areas of Focus

In Spring 2021, the JCCP announced a new framework for organizing their work in community. Learn more about the JCCP’s Areas of Focus and some of their current partnerships. 


Sustainability and Environmental Justice

  • The Office of Sustainability recently moved to the Allbritton Center, offering the opportunity for increased collaboration with the Middletown community, and underscores the many initiatives already in place, including Long Lane Farm, GRO Dreamville, and the City of Middletown’s Sustainable CT internship.
  • Support Office of Community Service student groups such as Food Rescue and Bread Salvage.
  • Supported the Middletown Urban Farming Symposium with an Innovation Fund grant. 

Education and Youth Development

  • The MidWes Collaborative was created as a formal partnership between the JCCP, the College of Education Studies, and Middletown Public Schools. 
  • More than half of the Office of Community Service student groups work with young people. From Individual Tutoring to mentoring and empowerment work. 
  • We invite young people to participate in on-campus activities such as Girls in Science Summer Camp and Exploring College Pathways. 

Reimagining Justice 

  • The Center for Prison Education offers incarcerated individuals the opportunity to take Wesleyan courses taught by Wesleyan faculty and receive college credit for their efforts.
  • The Reimagining Justice Initiative is a recent coalition of campus partners to leverage campus resources to support the intellectual development and community building interests of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated persons and their family members.
  • The 2020 Innovation Fund supported WesNEAT to create a PREP center for formerly incarcerated individuals, as well as the Restorative Justice Committee.