Interested in deepening your understanding of course content while engaging with the community? Interested in learning more about issues that affect public life? Allbritton offers a range of courses that allow you to explore and experience facets of public life.

  • Service Learning Courses

    Service Learning Courses

    Engaging students in the community to enhance the in-class academic learning experience.

  • Center for the Study of Public Life Courses

    Center for the Study of Public Life Courses

    Providing students with a broad range of knowledge and experience in all facets of public life.

  • Civic Engagement Minor

    Civic Engagement Minor

    A six-course minor program for students interested in integrating their civic and academic efforts.

  • Theory to Practice

    Theory to Practice

    The JCCP's Community Impact Residency Program and project-based Patricelli Fellowship are two opportunities for students to translate theory into practice.