Van Information

The JCCP has 3 vehicles to transport students to volunteer, service-learning and work-study placements.  The vans are in high-demand and are reserved on a request basis.  JCCP programs have first priority for van use. 

To request a JCCP van, please fill out our Google Form. For highest consideration, please place your request by WEDNESDAY AT 5PM for the following week.

Please note, van cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance by emailing Ying-Fei at If an individual does not show up for their ride without advance notice twice, the JCCP will no longer provide rides for that individual for the remainder of the semester. 

All vans leave from the JCCP (222 Church St). Vans leave promptly and will not accommodate late arrivals.

Use of Ride-sharing Services for transport to/from Civic Engagement Activities

The University recently granted the JCCP permission to use ride sharing services (Uber or Lyft) for student transport to and from off-campus civic engagement activities. All students participating in JCCP approved or activities approved by a Service Learning/College of Education Studies course that requires transportation, should establish a personal account with Uber or Lyft. The following offers guidance for when students should access Uber or Lyft and outlines the process for being reimbursed for ride-sharing expenses.

Students SHOULD ONLY access Uber/Lyft when:

  1. Participating in civic engagement approved by the JCCP, or participating in activities approved by a service-learning or College of Education Studies course instructor.
  2. A transportation request form has been submitted to JCCP and a student is subsequently instructed to use Uber/Lyft as noted in the JCCP’s weekly transportation schedule.
  3. An assigned driver is a “no show”. Before requesting an Uber or Lyft ride, students must call their assigned driver (all driver information is noted on the JCCP weekly transportation schedule) and confirm that the driver is unable to complete transport. In cases where communication with a driver cannot be established and students have waited 10 minutes beyond the scheduled pick-up/drop-off time, students can request Uber or Lyft service. 

Please note, in cases where a driver is a “no-show”, students must notify the JCCP by emailing Ms. Chen at Similarly, when students decide to not go to the site, Ms. Chen must be notified immediately via email at

To ensure reimbursement for ride sharing expenses, students must:

Forward electronic receipt via email to Ms. Chen at and include a typed note specifying the “to” and “from” addresses of ride sharing service in the body of the email as well as the Service-Learning course or JCCP Program the trip was for.  A failure to do so may delay reimbursement.

Please note all student reimbursements will be processed on 15th and last day of the month.


JCCP Lounge 

JCCP Student Coordinators have 24/7 keycard access to the JCCP Lounge (Allbritton 318). Coordinators can use the space at any time to do work, access supplies, or use the printer. For meetings, please use our Google Calendar to book the space. To book the space, create an event on Google Calendar, making sure to add it to the "Jewett Center for Community Partnerships Lounge" Calendar. If there is already an event listed please do not double book the space. All Coordinators should have access to this Google Calendar, but if there are any issues, please email Rhea Drozdenko -

Please note that the Lounge is also an office and workspace for several JCCP and CPE staff, so we ask that you be respectful of their work. If you want to host a meeting of 6 or more people, please do so after 3:30 pm on Monday-Thursday.