About the Office

Jewett Center for Community Partnership

Allbritton Center, 3rd Floor
222 Church Street
Middletown, CT 06459

Clifton Watson - cnwatson@wesleyan.edu; 860-685-2841 (office)
Director, Jewett Center for Community Partnerships

Diana Martinez - dmmartinez@wesleyan.edu; 860-685-2861 (office)
Assistant Director, Jewett Center for Community Partnerships

Rhea Drozdenko – rdrozdenko@wesleyan.edu; 860-685-2871 (office)
Coordinator of Community Participation

Ying-Fei Chen – yfchen@wesleyan.edu; 860-685-2881 (office)
Administrative Assistant, Jewett Center for Community Partnerships

Office of Community Service and Volunteerism:
Main number:  860-685-2851
Diana Martinez (dmmartinez@wesleyan.edu), Assistant Director: 860-685-2861

Main number: 860-685-7703
Mary Barrett (president@wesufm.org), President
On the web: www.wesufm.org

Center for Prison Education:
Allie Cislo (acislo@wesleyan.edu), Program Manager: 860-685-2247
Daniel McGloin (dmcgloin@wesleyan.edu), Program Coordinator: 860-685-5760
Anya Weinstock (cpefellow@wesleyan.edu), Center for Prison Education Fellow
On the web: www.wesleyan.edu/cpe