Services for students

With a valid Wesleyan ID, students can borrow language materials that are part of the collections for use in the Language Resources and Technology area. Those include films (DVD and VHS) and language related software such as Wenlin (Software for learning Chinese); SmartStart Hebrew; TouchTyping Now for Hebrew; Spanish Edu Ole; Tell me more and Rosetta Stone.

Students can also get assistance from language lab assistants when using language related software or if they need to use a particular software or tool (such as performing webcam recordings) as part of an assignment. Students will also receive training and technical help at a more advanced level if the assignment warrants it and the instructor has contacted the Language Resources and Technology staff.

If you need assistance with anything in the lab, or if you are checking out equipment, Student Media Assistants will be able to help with with the following:

Equipment checkout

How to operate an HD camcorder, flip camera
Building an electronic portfolio with Mahara
Digital story telling using iMovie
How to make a QuickTime audio/video recording
Using Kalliope
Mac & PC printing
Fix sound problems on PC and Mac
Classroom support
Big screen TV in the Seminar room
Non-Roman fonts (both platforms)
SmartStart Hebrew operation