• Events

    Re-Entry Week

    For more information about Re-Entry week please click this link

    Linking Study Abroad to Professional Development

    This session is about identifying skills gained through study abroad and applying them to specific career paths. Explore future opportunities abroad with fellowships, internships and exchanges and pursuing international careers.

    Connecting Your Experiences Abroad

    Learn about all the different ways in which you can take your expanded worldviews, new perspectives and intercultural competencies further through civic engagement, social action and other forms of community involvement.

    The Return to WesleyanThis session focuses on academic integration as we return to our peers and professors. We will hear from the Director of the Counseling center, a Class Dean, and fellow students on how to navigate these hurdles and ease the transition back to Wesleyan.

  • On-Campus Resources

    On-Campus Resources

    Student Groups

    Student Groups can be a great resource to connect with peers that have similar interests of you that you may have gained while studying abroad. Numerous organizations connect with different cultures or topics that you have been in contact with when you were abroad. There are also groups that can help guide you through the process and any issues that may come up with reentry including your overall wellbeing.

    Academics- Classes

    Classes can be an important way students can gain insights and connect their experiences from abroad. Classes can help you process an issue that you experienced first-hand, give you to the tools to process your experience, and learn something new about something you were involved in abroad. Wesleyan offers an array of courses that touch upon a lot of important topics. Take your time while looking at classes you want to take.           


    Even though every student’s experience is different, other students who studied abroad went or are going through the process you are now. Talking it through with others who understand and are going through something similar can be extremely helpful. Click "Peers" above to view students who have previously studied abroad. If you know anyone who studied abroad, reach out to them. Go to events that the Center for Global Studies puts on for returned students.

    Class Deans

    Class Deans are also there for support for academic advising or guidance with undertaking different type of issues. 


    Allbritton Center

    The Allbritton Center has great resources for students who are looking to continue their civic engagement. They have Community Partnerships, Service-Learning Opportunities, as well as other resources that can help connect issues that you identified abroad to your community in Connecticut.          


    CAPS is a great resource if you need some assistance adjusting back to life in Connecticut. Students can experience different mental health difficulties, which is perfectly reasonable. CAPS can help students adjust and learn some coping mechanisms.                       

    Office of Study Abroad

    As always, the Office of Study Abroad is here to help you as well. Make an appointment with an advisor and we can help guide you through the process and share some resources with you.

  • External Websites


    These are outside websites that provide resources for students who are returning from studying abroad.  

    Small Planet Studio

    This website offers workbooks, journals, podcasts, blogs, etc. You may have to sign up or pay to access some information on this site.

    What is Up With Culture?

    This website offers modules that students can take to learn about the experience of studying abroad. Module 2 addresses returning students.