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Center for Prison Education

offers a high-caliber liberal arts education inside prison walls.

Latest News From The CPE...

President Roth Celebrates CPE's Ford Foundation Grant!

Wesleyan University's president, Michael Roth, reflects on the Center for Prison Education's success. Read more here!

CPE Receives Grant from Ford Foundation!

CPE has been awarded a grant from the Ford Foundation to support our work in Connecticut's prisons. The grant recognizes CPE's record of success and will support the Center's continued commitment to providing a liberal arts educaiton of the highest quality to our incarceratied students. Read more here!

CPE opens second campus!

The Center for Prison Education opened our second campus at York C.I., the only state prison for women in Connecticut.  The women are taking The English Essay with Professor Beth Richards and Introduction to Ethics with Professor Elise Springer.  We hosted a lovely evening to celebrate our expansion with faculty, student volunteers, and CPE supporters.  View the pictures here.

CPE's Spring Newsletter!

We've released our Spring Newsletter, which you can read here. We have achieved so much in the past year and are grateful to share these updates with our supporters.

CPE Documentary!

Cara Tratner and Becky Gillig made the documentary "Convicted Scholars" highlighting the work of CPE.  The film was made through Jacob Bricca's "Documentary Advocacy" course offered at Wesleyan.  Watch it here.

Wesleyan Magazine

The new issue of Wesleyan Magazine includes an article highlighting CPE volunteers. Read it here.

The previous issue introduced readers to our program. Read it here.

Fall Semester Newsletter

Check out our Fall Semester Newsletter!  With an exciting update about our first released student!

The Long Road Home: Four Ex-Offenders Speak on Re-Entry Reform

December 5th, 2011 at 4:30, JUDD 116. Come hear four passionate ex-offenders speak about their experiences on the long road home from prison and the ways they are now working to transform our broken re-entry system.  Facebook event here.

Commemoration Ceremony

On May 24th, we were joined at Cheshire Prison by our students, their families and friends, as well as Cheshire staff and members of our faculty for a ceremony celebrating our students' completion of the CPE two-year pilot program. (read more...)

WesCPE joins Twitter and revamps Facebook

Follow the CPE on Twitter for updates!  And check out our revamped Facebook page, with new pictures from our Commemoration Ceremony!