Film Studies

Prospective Students

Applying to Wesleyan

Prospective students should submit all application materials required by the Admission Office according to the information indicated on the application. The Admission Office is solely responsible for all decisions regarding admission to Wesleyan.

No additional materials are required for students applying to Wesleyan who are interested in pursuing Film Studies. If you choose to supplement your application with examples of your work in film, video, or animation, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • You may submit no more than ten minutes of footage on DVD only.
  • Do not submit anything you wish returned.
  • Label the DVD with your name, the name of the project, date of completion, shooting format (16mm, digital video, etc.), and the role(s) you played in the production (director, editor, etc.).
  • Submit only original creative work that you completed as part of a film class or on your own outside of class. Please do not send acting tapes or video assignments you completed for a non-film class in lieu of writing a paper; these tapes will not be reviewed.

Please consider your decision to submit supplemental material carefully. Failure to submit a reel of your work will not harm your chances of admission to Wesleyan; submitting rushed or poor quality work will do you little good. Remember, while your application materials affect your chances of being accepted to Wesleyan, they have no effect on your eventual acceptance into the Film Studies major. Only submit supplemental film or video material if you believe it represents a special accomplishment and demonstrates your unique ability to contribute to the Wesleyan community.